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Surprise: Democrats Moving to Red States

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America is seeing a trend of mass exodus from liberal blue states into conservative red states.

Here are the top 7 in-migration states in 2014:

1. North Dakota

2. Nevada

3. South Carolina

4. Colorado

5. Florida

6. Arizona

7. Texas

All of them are red except for Colorado, which is purple.

And here are the top 7 exodus states:

1. Alaska

2. New York

3. Illinois

4. Connecticut

5. New Mexico

6. New Jersey

7. Kansas

5 of these 7 are blue states.

Almost 1,000 Americans are leaving blue states for red states every day.

The movement from blue to red states is clear and is not a coincidence. It cannot be explained away by factors like weather. Here’s why:

  • Over the past decade, 1.4 million Americans left beautiful, sunny California than moved into it.
  • North Dakota – the 2nd coldest state – had the biggest population gain in the last year. It can be reasonably concluded that North Dakota’s appeal was in the jobs created by the Bakken Shake Oil and gas boom, not the freezing cold weather.

This trend of migration from blue to red states exists because liberal Democratic policies cripple the economy, hurt opportunity, kill jobs, and punish honest, hard-working individuals and families. The cost of living in liberal states is outrageous.

9 states have no income tax at all – and these states are creating jobs twice as fast as high income tax states.

These Americans are unwittingly fleeing the results of policies like high minimum wages, pro-union requirements, high taxes, large welfare programs, extensive regulations, green energy policies, and many more policies spiking costs and lowering the quality of life.

In fact, the top 2 factors influencing this movement are (1) right to work laws and (2) how high the top income tax rate is.

The Democrats loudly claim that their policies help the American worker, middle class families, the poor, job creation, etc. But their emotional rhetoric is wrong and false – as the trend proves.

The people are “voting with their feet.”

This movement from blue to red states is changing the economic landscape of the U.S. And it is impacting these states.

The IRS statistics from 2013 show that interstate migration does in fact have a significant impact on states’ economies.  Here is the wealth added or lost by migration:

  • Florida: + $8.2 billion
  • Texas: + $5.9 billion
  • New York: – $5.2 billion
  • Illinois: -$3.7 billion

And, 5 of the 7 states with the biggest gains in income have no income tax at all: Florida, Texas, Arizona, Washington, and Nevada.

The movement of human capital is definitely making a difference to these states’ economies.

Human capital is so impactful on state economies because only people can create wealth. And wealth creation flourishes under policies that encourage and reward the creation of wealth rather than punishing it.

The bad news, however, is that these Americans moving from blue states into red states try to turn the red states into blue!

This very thing happened when Democrats from Massachusetts moved to New Hampshire.

It’s an injustice and a tragedy – Americans moving to red states to escape the economic oppression of liberal Democratic policies and enjoy the prosperity of red states – and then voting to destroy the very policies that helped create the prosperity they came to enjoy.

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