The Common Core and the Dismal Outcome of Federal Investment in Education [alarming chart]

Common Core and the Failure of Federal Spending on Education [shocking chart]

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We have an education crisis in America.

Liberals think that we can solve this crisis by spending more on our public education system.

But this “remedy” is completely ineffective. Take a look at this chart comparing federal spending with student scores:


And, with the implementation of Common Core, more and more money is going to be poured into public education – without improving it. In fact, Common Core standards lowers standards and hinders student achievement.

Instead, huge amounts of money will go to:

  • Common Core staffing
  • Common Core training
  • Common Core curriculum
  • Technology
  • Pensions
  • Tests

States will spend an estimated $10 billion up front to implement Common Core. Then, it would take up to $800 million a year to maintain.

If you’re interested in learning more about the dangers of Common Core, I can come speak to your group. The name of my talk is “Common Core and the Education Crisis: War on Kids, Teachers and Parents.”

Email me at or call me at (310) 212-5727 if you’d like to schedule a talk.

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