Stop the Funding of the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) [Petition]

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Have you signed our petition yet, protesting the unjust attacks on Christian organizations by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)?

They deceptively label any pro-life or pro-traditional marriage group as a hate group.

On their list of hate” groups are the Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom, Dennis Prager, and any other conservative group taking a stand and impacting our society today.

The media is constantly using this false accusation against these groups to destroy their work to protect religious liberty and advance freedom.

Because of these enormous attacks, I need your help…

Sadly, large corporations like Apple and JP Morgan are sending millions of dollars to the SPLC, helping them spread lies and disgusting propaganda.

I hope it makes you angry as it does me.

This is why I started the petition:

  1. To stop the SPLC
  2. To force the media to stop using their lies
  3. To halt large corporations from funding these lies

Sign the petition by clicking this link:

Please share this link with family members and friends.


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Comments 6

  1. If you read any of their paperwork you quickly learn that it is a propaganda machine and if they were attorneys they wouldn’t survive as everything and I mean everything they spout is unsubstantiated and without foundational support in law. The fact that they influence judges to create opinions in opposition to the Constitution is scary. Their literature labeled Ron Paul supporters, and returning vets as terrorists without any rational support. The only terrorist organization is SPLC. They are constantly trying to change the political climate through the use of force (their literature is cited by LEOs for profiling).

  2. I cannot even get petition page to load. Have been trying for five hours. The farthest I get is less than ten seconds into the video. Perhaps others are experiencing the same? I use an iPad, as if that should matter?

  3. I operate a reference website with numerous copies of the Koran in pdf so they are searchable! My website is, now identified by the SPLC as one of “Six Bay Area Hate Groups!”. It is a website, NOT a “group!”. Numerous reporters have contacted me asking when we meet and how many members of the “group” are there? Morons! The SPLC is a very dangerous operation. The head of the SPLC is a Marxist attorney. There should be NO taxpayer funds going to the SPLC!

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