NSA/CIA Abuse of Power Explodes [Video]

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The government bureaucracy is out of control.

Illegal, unconstitutional and dangerous spying on private citizens has been abused by politics, unelected bureaucrats and ideologically driven Deep State.

The balance between national security and politically inspired spying has terrible consequences.

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” warned 19th century British statesman Lord John Acton.

And it’s true.

Giving power to the elite will effectively result in abuse. That’s why you can’t trust the NSA, CIA, FBI bureaucrats to do right.

And, according to Sen. Rand Paul, this illegal spying on Americans has been going on for years as spy agencies haul in tons of Internet and phone conversations.

The senator calls it a “backdoor way to get at Americans’ privacy without a warrant.”

Sen. Paul accuses the Obama administration of using spying for political purposes.

Going after and targeting Trump and his team “Is an amazing abuse of power,” he said, adding it’s “a violation of the Fourth Amendment.”

Watch this video. It’s a shocking expose.

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