Shocking Revelation: Your Privacy Is Under Attack by Deep State Spying [Video]

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The slanted media and progressive politicians mocked and laughed at Trump when he said he was spied upon by the government.

But more revelations confirm he was, on orders by political operatives in the Obama administration.

CNN and media mocked Trump’s claim that his campaign was wiretapped. They called it a lie.

Now CNN says it’s true … but ignore the unconstitutional violation of Trump’s Fourth Amendment rights, and instead keep on talking about Russia.

Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort was wiretapped via a secret court order before the election as an outgrowth of his relationship with Viktor Yanukovych (former president of the Ukraine) and Manafort’s failure to register as a foreign agent.

This was all done through a FISA Court warrant, which was illegally done and an affront to the privacy guarantees to U.S. citizens under our Constitution.

And along the way, Deep State operatives unmasked names and conversations of political concern … including many innocent people.


To understand the severe implications and misuse of a FISA warrant, we need to examine how it works.

It’s issued in secret by a FISA Court (United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court).

It oversees requests for surveillance warrants against foreign spies in the United States or foreigners overseas.

Did you get that? Foreign spies or foreigners overseas, not members of the opposing political party right before an election!

But that is exactly what’s happened in the case of Paul Manafort. The wiretapped continued long after the election was over.

But the media spin is on Manafort being in trouble, NOT on the illegality of spying and surveillance for political means.

We don’t know if Manafort is innocent or guilty.

But we do know the wiretapping and spying was:

  1. Politically motivated
  2. Unconstitutional and illegal
  3. A danger to a free society

NSA contractor Edward Snowden blew the whistle on these top-secret warrants when he made it known that a 2013 warrant ordered Verizon to provide a daily feed to the NSA of “telephone metadata,” comprehensive, detailed records about all calls in its system,” even local calls.

So much for protecting your privacy.

So much for “foreign spies.”


There is a real crime going on: Illegal spying on Americans cannot be ignored, except by the progressive media.

The illegal spying by deep state operatives, holdovers from the Obama administration and career bureaucrats is damaging and out of control.

The deep state violated the Constitution by pursuing illegal wiretaps and spying on politicians and “enemies” of the administration.

This entire issue is being ignored by the media, despite the fact that under Obama’s watch, the Department of Justice even hacked the phone records of reporters!

Trump staff phone conversations were spied on.

Names were subsequently unmasked by Obama appointees.

This kind of court-allowed spying required only the highest Obama administration approval. Could the spying into one person merely be mining for political dirt by another political party?


This unconstitutional practice of domestic spying could be halted when Section 702 of the FISA Amendments Act ends this year.

This is where the NSA gets its authority to spy on U.S. citizens.

Lawmakers will soon be deliberating whether to renew Section 702 for another 5 years … or make maybe even make it permanent.

Call or write your representative in Washington, D.C., and tell them no more domestic spying.

Watch this alarming 10-minute video on why 702 should not be renewed.

You should not trust the CIA/NSA/FBI.

They have become political, not professional.

First, let me be clear. We need a strong and modern intelligence service in our very dangerous world.

And I support the patriotic, dedicated members of the intelligence community that works hard and makes sacrifices for the safety of American and protection of freedom.

But I am opposed to … even sickened by … the liberal politicization of the leadership and the bureaucracy of our intelligence community.

Obama appointees, some now gone, have a political ideology that dominates their worldview and activities.

  1. The CIA, when it was under socialist/leftist radical John Brennan, was filled with radical left-wing appointees from the Obama Administration., all who wanted to transform America into a different nation. They advanced a foreign policy which was pro-Islamic, pro-socialist. Nothing in the interests of America … or freedom … or capitalism.
  2. James Clapper, former head of the NSA, was appointed by Barack Obama in 2010. His liberal goals have been to misuse power at the expense of freedom and privacy of American citizens. He lied to the American people about NSA spying on Americans and meta-data collection. He also lied about protecting our emails from cyber-attacks. Now all he does is attack Trump – even questioning his sanity.

CLICK HERE to watch this short, insightful video of Judge Napolitano explain the illegal proceedings of wiretapping.


Watch this powerful 3-minute video of Tucker Carlson explaining the current wiretapping crisis.

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