Warning: Obamacare Is Not Yet Dead … Beware of Single Payer

Craig Huey Healthcare 4 Comments

Everyone’s healthcare is headed over the cliff if Obamacare continues.

Obamacare has proven itself to be a disaster of failed government bureaucracy.

But liberal Republicans and Democrats are keeping a dying system alive.

The question should be, “Why is government involved in my healthcare choices and telling me what I can and can’t do?”

In the latest development, the Senate has failed to repeal Obamacare and is trying to simply fix an unfixable system.

Now there is talk of a band-aid approach on massive wounds that cannot control the bleeding?

Small modifications to the existing healthcare quagmire will be a sham.

If we don’t repeal and replace Obamacare, we will wind up fighting an even bigger problem – a single-payer health system.

The worst “fix” is replacing Obamacare with a single-payer system, i.e. government-run socialist healthcare.

Is it an option? Let’s look at California, where there is a statewide effort to take Obamacare (Covered California) into a single-payer system.

The enormous price tag for the Democrats’ plan to provide “health care for all” would cost California $400 billion a year to create a state-funded universal, government-run healthcare system.

That’s more than double the $180 billion annual state budget.

Residents can expect to pay a huge increase in taxes, as much as 50 percent or more – to the state to cover healthcare costs.

It would be cheaper for individuals to buy from private insurers who have to compete for their business.

Once again, politicians are trying to impose a mandate to force everyone in the state, whether they are here legally or illegally, into the government system.

Single-payer, state-run healthcare will have no competition and no accountability.

Besides, competition always produces better results.

It is ripe for abuse, and the likely outcome is:

  • Skyrocketing taxation
  • Longer wait times and healthcare rationing
  • Less innovation
  • Arbitrary committee decisions on who gets what type of healthcare
  • Soaring costs
  • Quality of healthcare will diminish
  • The eventual destruction of California’s economy as more businesses and residents flee the state and lay off employees

A single-payer system means the government is in total control of your healthcare.

Even worse, they are in control of a healthcare system we cannot afford.

Private insurance companies would be eliminated, replaced by socialist-style healthcare that has failed in other countries and states.

Vermont’s attempt at a single-payer system collapsed in 2014 because costs were too high.

As the government discovers it cannot fund it properly, your healthcare will be rationed.

Single-payer will deliver the abysmal healthcare that America’s veterans are subjected to from government-run VA system.

Do you really want the state running your healthcare?

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  1. Absolutely true..The Republicans have failed to come together to get the job done. It just proves that once again, there is so much corruption on both sides of the fence that they can’t even take care of business.

    We need to reform government and one of the way I would do it is to completely limit all legislators to a term limit of 8 years in total..and no pension or healthcare benefits after they leave office…this is a public servant job! Clean the swamp!

  2. Pass a law that puts everyone holding high public office under the same health plan that every other american is subjected to.

  3. I agree, places like Vermont and Washington State tried Universal Healthcare Programs and they failed. However, like most with agendas, you didn’t include the reason why. They failed because they didn’t include a “mandate” that everyone had to subscribe. That is the only reason. The insurers went bankrupt because only those with illnesses signed up—the rest simply waited until they got sick to sign up. This is sheer stupidity and refusal to acknowledge that no plan can possibly work without the “mandate”. Also, the very idea of the (large or Government) employer furnishing health insurance is what has cause the problem today—with some getting insurance and too many not.

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