School Choice: Why Government Schools Fail [Video]

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Why haven’t our public schools improved?

It’s not a money issue.

Often, spending triples, class sizes drop, and yet test scores remain flat.

The main culprit? Most schools are controlled by government.

Government is a monopoly. Monopolies resist change. They don’t want to give up the way they’ve always done things.

But when there is competition, we are forced to change or get left behind. If we don’t adopt better ways of doing things, we go out of business.

It makes innovation a necessity.

But government-run schools never go out of business. Which means principals, school bureaucrats and teachers – especially teachers unions – have little incentive to try anything new or do something different.

Take the case of teacher Jaime Escalante, who taught many disadvantaged students ate Garfield High School in Los Angeles.

His successful teaching model was the basis for the movie “Stand and Deliver.”

More Garfield High students passed advanced placement calculus tests than did students from Beverly Hills High.

Why? Because Escalante was a better teacher with better ideas, teaching his students that with enough drive and hard work, the sky is the limit.

Why wasn’t Escalante’s successful teaching model duplicated across the country?

In any other field it would have been, but union teachers resented his fame.

The union used its organizing power to oust Escalante as math department chairman.

It’s just one more example of how without choice and innovation, the student is the loser.

Watch this powerful 5-minute video of Denisha Merriweather finding success with school choice.

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