Shocking: How the Government Intelligence Agencies Used Their Power To Crush Everyone They Ideologically Opposed—The Deep State Manipulation of Elections and Censorship [Disturbing Video]

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What has been uncovered is shocking.

It’s how the FBI and other bureaucrats in the government interfered in the election.

It’s censorship by the Deep State that no one could prove until now.

I have posted a short 1-minute interview below from Tucker Carlson’s show (just before he was canceled) that you must see.

It’s with journalist Matt Taibbi and his latest discoveries from the Twitter

Files Elon Musk released.

Remember, Taibbi isn’t a Conservative or Libertarian. He is a disturbed and shocked “self-proclaimed” liberal journalist who isn’t afraid to tell the truth.

Every conceivable part of the federal government’s enforcement and intelligence divisions, like the FBI, CIA, NSA, HHS, Department of Homeland Security, and others, have been working with Twitter and other Big Tech companies to censor the American public and any organizations or opponents that they disagreed with.

Its purpose: To crush the opposition by silencing them.

The government used its power and influence to silence Conservatives, Libertarians, Christians, and Republicans.

They crushed me on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Google.

They crushed all their political enemies.

They crushed any opposition to their Deep State radical ideology.

Twitter File reporter Matt Taibbi said, “We can say conclusively that the government was in the censorship business in a huge way.”

It’s clear that the government broke the law by censoring political speech, as well as speech from ordinary people that they didn’t approve of—They broke their Constitutional oath and tossed out the 1st Amendment.

This has been happening since at least 2016 when the false Russian Collusion narrative was first spoon-fed to the media and Big Tech companies.

The Russian Collusion story before and after the election allowed the FBI and other government agencies the opportunity they needed to bully the big tech companies into complying with their censorship under the guise of “national security issues.”

As time passed, the government pressured Twitter and other social media companies to follow them blindly … In fact, they wound up setting up internal guidance communities that worked to censor anything that was considered “disinformation” by various government agencies.

What kind of free society do we have if the government censors our free speech?

The FBI and other intelligence agencies have been corrupted and compromised. It’s become a politicized weapon of the Biden Administration, the socialist Democrats, and the Deep State.

Note: Make your voice heard! Sign our petition and urge Congress to restructure the FBI.

This petition asks Congress to investigate and hold accountable all the corrupt officials in the FBI and restructure the organization.

Sign our petition to restructure the FBI

Watch the explosive video of Matt Taibbi talking about what he’s discovered from his investigation of the Twitter Files on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

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