Shocker: Mom and Baby Survive Attempted Murder. You Cannot Believe What She Had to Say [Powerful, Must-See Video]

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A mom was walking her baby in a carriage as she saw a car swerving directly towards her. How she survived… and the baby survived… is a pure miracle.

Tucker interviewed this mom and what she said… and what Tucker didn’t say… is pretty shocking.

In the video… you will hear:

  • Who the mom voted for…
  • If the mom is leaving the city of Los Angeles…
  • And the question Tucker should’ve asked… but didn’t… that question is, did she learn that her vote had consequences? Did she learn how to vote for, not against, her values in the future?

Watch the interview HERE – it’s about 4 minutes long.

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  1. This proves voters are uninformed or just plain stupid.
    Gascon started the destruction of San Francisco, so he had a track record and she STILL voted for this lunatic. She admitted she FELT for the criminals and that they should not be treated so poorly.
    Now that she has become a VICTIM, she has changed her tune slightly but don’t expect her to change to a center or right of scenter voter, she still has a lot to learn.
    Seeing just the video you have sympathy for her, after hearing how she voted and thinks not so much.

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