FreedomFest 2022 A Must — Why You Should Attend

Craig Huey Current Events, Economics, Marketing, Politics Leave a Comment

I’ve received a number of inquiries as to what my topics would be at this year’s FreedomFest, and if we were going to be able to meet with subscribers.

FreedomFest is one of the best conferences you can go to — 4 days with 350 speakers and over 300 workshops.

Some of the speakers are among the best economists, investment advisors, and political leaders.

For example, this year some of the speakers include Steve Forbes, Sen. Rand Paul, Ben Stein, Lisa Kennedy, Fox Business “Kennedy”, Glenn Greenwald, John Mackey.

Unfortunately, I will not be speaking this year on marketing for business and economic politics for company presidents. So, I won’t be able to see you at the conference.

Nonetheless, I encourage you to go because it is a powerful event where you’ll see close to 2000 people learning about liberty and how to use the principles of freedom for your business, your investments, and protecting your freedom.

You can get all the information about this year’s FreedomFest HERE.

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