Protecting Life: The Truth You Won’t See on Facebook and the Biased Media About the Supreme Court Abortion Case [Tearful, Powerful Video]

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The Supreme Court is reviewing abortion and the constitutionality of limiting or prohibiting it.

But the distortions, lies and myths from Facebook, Apple News, Google searches and the biased media is deafening.

Here is a clear, concise explanation of the issues before the court and what it means to the future of abortion in America.

Be warned:

Many who watch the 6 – minute video will be brought to tears – including the commentator.

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  1. I am praying that the justices will do the right thing. No longer can anyone believe the lie that the fetus is a “clump of cells”, since we have photos of them in utero. They are precious human beings from the moment of conception. If a woman isn’t ready to raise a child, there are countless loving couples who are waiting to adopt them.

  2. Truth be told ‘” There is no excuse ” to have an abortion and kill babies. When there are ways to prevent pregnancy so many methods to choose from for a woman and men young or older…In the heat of the moment it’s done and the innocent baby pays with death down the line….

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