Progressives/Liberal “Solutions” to Stop Deficit Spending

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In the United States, everyone owes over $50,000 for our $19 trillion national debt.

It’s wrong for the harm it does today. And it’s immoral for the harm it will do to our kids and grandkids.

So what do the liberal Democrats and “moderate” Republicans want to do?

  1. Raise taxes through legislation.
  2. Raise taxes through the ballot box.
  3. Raise taxes through fees.
  4. Raise taxes by regulations.
  5. Raise taxes by executive order.
  6. Raise taxes in a broader way, through inflation by the Fed increasing the money supply.

The real—and moral—solution?

  • Cut taxes
  • Cut regulations
  • And stop the Fed’s rapid increase of the money supply

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  1. I would love to see a graph that shows national debt based on party control of the House. Everyone shows it by president, but the economy seems to align better with who is in control of the House. Whether it’s the DJIA or national debt.

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