Presidential Roller Coaster [video]

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Trump down. Fiorina up. Carson down. Rubio up. Hillary down. Sanders up.

And Gov. Scott Walker…. out.

In a few months, voters will be choosing the next President of the United States. And there are so many choices and variables.

For the Democrats, the entry of Vice President Joe Biden could create more confusion in the Democratic race.

For the Republicans, two debates, with a third coming up in October and dealing with economics, will help them choose.

Here are some of the best and worst parts of the debate, in case you missed it.

Over 20 million people saw the second debate, more than any presidential debate in CNN’s history.

America needs change. America needs change with the economy. America needs change with foreign affairs. America needs change in many policy areas, including funding of unnecessary organizations, such as Planned Parenthood.

The middle class is worse off. The poor are worse off. Businesses that create jobs, economic opportunity and give raises are worse off. Economic growth is pitiful.

And we’re the laughing stock internationally. Tyrants have taken advantage of this situation, with senseless deaths, millions of refugees, and expansion of power – of Iran, China, and more.

Here are the poll results from before and after the second debate.

Note Carson, Trump, Huckabee, Paul, Walker are down.

Carson still leads – but Fiorina as well as Cruz and Rubio are up.

Before the debate:

Ben Carson                    32%

Ted Cruz                        21%

Donald Trump                18%

Carly Fiorina                    7%

Mike Huckabee                5%

Scott Walker                   4%

Marco Rubio                    3%

Rand Paul                       3%

John Kasich                     2%

Bobby Jindal                    1%

Jeb Bush                         1%

Bernie Sanders                1%

After the debate:

Ben Carson                   22%

Carly Fiorina                  21%

Ted Cruz                       18%

Donald Trump               16%

Marco Rubio                  14%

Mike Huckabee                4%

Rand Paul                       2%

Scott Walker                   2%

Chris Christie                  1%

Jeb Bush                         1%


Here are powerful videos that give insights into some of the key candidates:

Interview about Carly Fiorina’s rise in the polls

Want some interesting insight on Carly? See this: Behind the scenes exclusive with Carly Fiorina

The best debate performers may have been Carly Fiorina and Sen. Marco Rubio. See an interview with Sen. Rubio here.

And here is why Scott Walker dropped out of the presidential races.

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