Obama Sneaks More Tax Money to Planned Parenthood [video]

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The call to de-fund Planned Parenthood is a serious one.

There is even threat of a government shutdown over your tax money being used to sell baby parts.

Congress has launched an investigation into Planned Parenthood’s practices, per the release of 8 videos showing top executives negotiating prices for the organs of aborted babies.

The entire field of Republican presidential candidates are campaigning to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has been in damage control mode since the release of the first video.

But not Obama.

Planned Parenthood and abortion supporters’ best tactic has been to ignore the scandal and lie low.

But not Obama.

Obama rewards this monstrous organization.

The Obama Administration has recently awarded $1 million in grants to Planned Parenthood.

This is in addition to the $500 million taxpayer dollars they already get – which we are trying to de-fund.

This move was a slap in the face – to all who cry for the de-funding of Planned Parenthood and all the American citizens who don’t want their taxes to fund a group that profits from murdering and selling baby parts.

Planned Parenthood also received “navigator program” grants to “help people enroll in Obamacare.” That’s even more taxpayer money flooding into this abortion mill.

The navigator program gives taxpayer-funded grants to nonprofit organizations so they can help people sign up for Obamacare – and often these groups sign people up to vote right after signing them up for Obamacare.

It’s a corrupt deal – Obama gives this shop of horrors double what it already gets from the government and, in return, Planned Parenthood promotes Obamacare.

By Planned Parenthood’s own admission, 20% of Planned Parenthood branches have been in the practice of selling aborted baby body parts. Any taxpayer funding for this group is blood money. And it will be stopped, despite another of Obama’s authoritarian displays of power.

Which candidates are willing to de-fund Planned Parenthood, even if it causes a government shutdown? Find out in the video here.

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