Progressive Heads Spin as President Trump Does the Impossible: Tax Cuts and Deregulation Spark Historic Economic Boom

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President Trump has accomplished the impossible…

He has delivered historic economic results for hard-working Americans of all races and ethnic backgrounds…

And the progressive media refuses to acknowledge and report the amazing economic news.

What news?

Wages and salaries increased 0.9% in the 3rd quarter this year … surpassing expectations … and raising the yearly increase to 3.1%.

This is the largest yearly increase in wages and salaries in a decade.


It’s not because of former President Obama’s policies – as the media would have you believe. It’s because:

  • Business taxes have been slashed
  • Business regulations have been eliminated at a record rate
  • Consumer confidence is at the highest level since 2000

And here’s more good economic news the Trump-hating progressives can’t bring themselves to acknowledge:

  • The current overall unemployment rate of 3.7% is the lowest it has been in 50 years!
  • The unemployment rates for blacks, Hispanics and women in the lowest since unemployment figures have been recorded!
  • Median household income is at a record high!

Only 23% of companies say they are not having trouble hiring needed workers. This means that 77% of business are having difficulty finding new employees to fill their vacant positions!

As many of you know, I own an ad agency.

Here’s what I’m hearing from clients across the U.S.:

  • They say the economy is booming…
  • They are hiring…
  • They are expanding…
  • They are growing…

And it’s all because of increased free enterprise and less socialism…

It’s because people are allowed to keep more of what they earn…

And it’s because business owners and entrepreneurs are allowed to invest more of their profits in expansion and growth – without as much government interference in their lives.

Meanwhile, what is the Democrat plan for the economy now that they have retaken control of the House – where all tax and appropriations bills originate?

They want to “help” Americans by raising taxes … creating more regulations … and returning to the economic stagnation of the Obama years.


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