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Deep State Unmasked: 4 Things You Should Know About How Career Bureaucrats Use Taxpayer Dollars to Abuse Power and Undermine President Trump’s Policies [Videos]

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The Deep State phenomenon is not new…

But it has become much more exposed in the past 2 years because of the massive bureaucratic opposition of progressives and socialists to the election of Donald Trump … and their strong ideological resistance to his policies.

A series of newly released undercover videos is exposing Deep State activities at the Department of Justice … Department of State … and the Internal Revenue Service.

Here are 4 ways unelected bureaucrats are using taxpayer dollars to abuse their power in fighting against President Trump’s policy objectives:

  1. They carry out resistance activities on taxpayer time.

One video features Stuart Karaffa, a bureaucrat who works in the State Department…

He describes how he engages in activist political activities for the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) while on the job.

  1. They believe they can work against the Trump administration with impunity.

Mr. Karaffa states, “I have nothing to lose. It’s impossible to fire federal employees…”

It is true that federal employees are protected by their union … and the process required to fire someone is very long and tedious. It just never happens.

Watch the undercover video of Stuart Karaffa below (about 12 minutes).

  1. They use government property in their resistance activities.

In another video, Department of Justice paralegal Allison Hrabar uses government-owned software and hardware to advocate a socialist agenda that works against the agenda of the Trump administration.

She is also a member of the Metro DC chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America … and recently was seen chasing Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielson from a Washington D.C.-area restaurant.

Watch the undercover video featuring Allison Hrabar below (about 16 minutes).

  1. They use their positions and influence to resist free-market and family-friendly values and principles.

In yet another video, IRS tax examiner Thomas Sheehy, and Washington,
D.C. IRS attorney Jerry Semasek are heard discussing the agency’s unfair treatment of conservative and Christian nonprofit groups.

Sheehy is a member of the Austin, Texas Democratic Socialists of America.

He praises former IRS Commissioner John Koskinen for deleting thousands of emails related to the Lois Lerner IRS scandal, so he couldn’t be held accountable for discriminating against the tax-exemption applications of conservative and Christian nonprofit groups during the Obama administration

Watch the video below (about 10 minutes).

I discuss the IRS targeting of Christian and secular conservative groups in Chapter 3 of my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know.

In the same chapter I also show how the Department of Justice and the Department of State are politicized and transformed into Deep State strongholds of influence and power.

In Chapter 5, I explain how intelligence agencies are weaponized to carry out the Deep State agenda – things you won’t read elsewhere concerning the FBI, CIA and more (see page 61).

Chapter 11 covers voter fraud … explaining Deep State strategies and tactics to gain more votes and more power … while trampling on your rights and suppressing your voice as a U.S. citizen (see page 143).

I also zero in on how bloated bureaucracies and government agencies waste your taxpayer dollars (see page 45).

Here are a few other horrifying highlights from the concise, fast-moving book:

  • The importance of federal judges, and why many of them are part of the Deep State – they violate their constitutional authority by attacking President Trump, our freedom and our national sovereignty (see page 77).
  • How lobbyists use their influence to exert pressure on the president (see page 91).
  • How Republicans have betrayed basic principles to support the Deep State (see page 105).
  • How nonprofit organizations and foundations have created an unholy alliance with the Deep State (see page 115).
  • How Obama’s Organizing for Action has so much power and influence – the dirty little secret (see page 129).
  • How the biased media supports and gives a voice of credibility to The Deep State (see page 157).
  • Eight reasons the Deep State can’t be fixed … but what we can do about it (see page 197).
  • Why the Deep State is encouraging – and accelerating – the move toward socialism (see page 211).

This is just some of the must-have material you will find in my book.

You can order a hardback copy or a Kindle version of The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know on Amazon. Click here

If you order the book on our website (www.deepstatebook.com), I’d be happy to sign it.

Deep State operatives want you to be ignorant of the truth, so they can expand their power and resist anyone who disagrees with their progressive agenda.

I believe the Deep State is one of the greatest dangers to America today – to your rights, your freedom, and everything you value and have worked so hard for.


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