Post-Election Conference for Investing, the Economy and Politics

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I’ll be speaking this upcoming weekend on The New Political Reality:  12 Surprising Post-Election Changes Impacting our Culture, our Economy and the Next Election.

It’s at a conference in Las Vegas, put on by economist and investment newsletter writer, Mark Skousen.

He just wrote an article that appeared in his paid subscription newsletter called, “2020: A Turning Point in America?”

In it he said:

“The outlook for stocks, gold and the dollar is positive as we enter 2020 but beware of a ‘black swan’ event that could derail the longest-running bull market in history.”  – January 2020 prediction in Forecasts & Strategies

“My prediction of a black swan event has generated a lot of interest by investors and the media this year.  It turns out that there may be more than just one “black swan” event aside from the pandemic that doesn’t want to go away.  It’s like malaria.  It keeps coming back.

I encourage you to read his article.

And he gives some details about the special post-election briefing … and you should join me.

Click here to read his article.

Click here to learn more about his conference.

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