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Title: Pastors, Christians, the Church and Politics

Shelly and I recently did a podcast with Pastor Allen Jackson of the World Outreach Church.

Here are a few key points from the podcast:

  • We all have a worldview – this is the filter we use to look at the world.

What is a worldview? Our worldview is the values we hold and how we decide and respond to things around us.

Christian – worldview: If you choose to grow up and mature in the Lord, you invite Christ into all parts of your life.

  • As you integrate Scripture into your life, you begin to construct a worldview formed from the Biblical perspective.
  • Hostility to a Christian worldview from the media: we get an antagonism to a Christian worldview.

But we must purposefully construct a Christian worldview – and the Holy Spirit will help us.

  • How we respond to things around us comes from our worldview.

Christians and voting: Approximately 30-40% of people in the church are not registered to vote.

And approximately 20-30% of people in the church do not vote in the election.

  • The root of our problems are not the depravity of the wicked. It’s the ambivalence of the faithful that is the problem.
  • Pastors and politics. Pastors are employees of the church and are afraid of talking about what is happening in our world today.

Pastors understand that if they transgress boundaries – their jobs are at risk.

In the election of 2020, many pastors did not even mention an election.

Click HERE to listen to my interview.

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