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Pastor John McArthur Defies Government Orders: Judge Denies Government Request to Close Inside Church Services. McArthur Pleads Pastors to Help [2 Things You Should Know]

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Pastor John McArthur is standing firm!

  • Not Bowing to Caesar
  • Not bowing to culture
  • Not bowing to irrational fears

7,000 people packed Pastor John McArthur’s church service on Sunday…

The science and data say open up. And he has.

Here are 2 things You Should Know:

1). Governor Newsom and the LA county and city want McArthur to be held in contempt of court, fined $20,000, and shut down his church.

Judge Mitchell Beckloff – a Republican appointed Judge Beckloff said to the LA county they could not close down his inservice.

The government will continue to close the church down.

2). Pastor McArthur has asked other pastors closed or fined outside to reopen their churches. This is key to how the government and courts defend religious freedom.

McArthur needs your prayers – and pastors/church leaders to join with him to open their inside services.

It’s time for pastors to take a stand for God, not Caesar. For pastors to stand with those pastors who have opened their church in April and beyond.

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  1. I’d be careful to throw statistics around without citing the resource. I can’t find the 78% death rate anywhere. Please share that source.
    Just because you’re not feeling sick doesn’t mean you can’t carry and spread it. You don’t have to die to experience severe morbidity. My friend has been out 6 weeks sick from work because of COVID–she wasn’t sure if she was going to actually make for 2 of those days early on–and hers was a “moderate” case where she was not hospitalized. And she loves her job–she would go back in a heartbeat if she could. Please don’t belittle the danger of COVID.

  2. Being sick and missing work or school is a bummer (I had a cancer surgery last year and been going through treatments and have had to face death statistics worse than COVID-19 death rates), but really what is worse than being sick or even dying (when you know you’re going to heaven and no one can avoid death anyway) is giving up civic and religious FREEDOM that thousands of soldiers have voluntarily laid down their lives to protect! We need to fight to preserve that freedom for our children and grandchildren, future generations – don’t just think about yourselves and your personal temporary comfort, or even the relative smallness of personal friends and family compared to future generations of a nation. Churches standing together for our Constitutional freedoms is a very peaceful, safe, positive way (singing praise to God!) to push back against spiritual and cultural elements that will continue to advance their ungodly agendas if we do not resist. The Church needs to become the “RESISTANCE”! Good for Pastor MacArthur!

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