Pastor John MacArthur: Church Gets $800,000 from Government for Tyrannical and Unconstitutional Assault in Unsuccessfully Shutting Down His Church – 4 Things You Should Know

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The health and medical establishment bureaucrats and socialist politicians’ heads are spinning as they must give pastor John MacArthur and his church, Grace Community Church $800,000.

Here are 4 things you should know:

1. The state of California and Los Angeles County are rewarding MacArthur with $800,000 for their assault on John MacArthur, his church attendees and Christian rights.

The state of California is giving $400,000.

Los Angeles County is giving an extra $400,000.

It should have been more for the abuse of power and coercion.

2. A useless and senseless waste of taxpayer money.

Los Angeles County taxpayers are paying $950,000 in attorney fees and other costs related to the legal battle with the church.

How much California spent is not being released.

This does not count the costs of police, judges, and county and state attorneys.

A terrible waste of taxpayers’ money.

3. Pastor MacArthur is a courageous hero.

Pastor MacArthur’s decision to do what is right in God’s eye, not government mandates and fight for religious constitutional rights was powerful.

He kept his church open for indoor service (illegal), no masks (illegal), worship (illegal) and prayer (illegal).

His decision not only impacted the thousands attending his own fellowship, but inspired pastors nationwide to make the same decision.

4. The court cases.

Lower court cases were impacted by judicial activists (see “Judicial Tyranny! Biased Judicial Activist Orders John MacArthur to Close Church Services: 8 Shocking Things Everyone Should Know”.

But MacArthur would not give up.

Also see Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff (see ”Pastor John MacArthur Defies Government Orders; Judge Denies Government Request to Close Inside Church Services. McArthur Please Pastor to Help [2 Things You Should Know]” issuing a preliminary injunction against MacArthur and his church ignoring it.

Ultimately the Supreme Court struck down indoor bans, bans on worship, and allowing churches nationwide to open legally.

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  1. Pastor John McArthur was doing precisely what the Lord called him to do…to pastor and minister to the flock. If every pastor followed his suit and had been obedient to their calling, the lock down issue would have been completely defeated. The authority that those leaders in the body of Christ have been given from above is superior to the principalities and powers that are trying to thwart the Body. Except for a handful of pastors, I was very disappointed in their lack of leadership. Bless John McArthur for his courageous, Christian stance…and look how the Lord has protected and blessed his church.

  2. I agree. By caving to the demands of tyrants, pastors gave the tyrants boldness to continue what they were doing. Thankfully, some pastors sued for their First Amendment rights and the Supreme Court, at least this time, did the right thing. And thankfully, there were pastors like Pastor MacArthur, who refused to obey and back down. I’ve noticed that their churches are growing, while some in our area that cowed to the governor, have lost members. God bless all who stood firm.

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