Pastor John MacArthur: Religious Freedom, the Supreme Court…and his “Illegal” Church Services – What’s Next?

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The Supreme Court just ruled that New York could not trample on churches First Amendment rights to hold indoor services.

What about other lockdown states discriminating against Christians, such as California?

Here is a 5-minute video with Pastor John MacArthur who illegally opened his church months ago.

Watch it by clicking HERE.

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  1. I think Pastor John is absolutely correct. Im 74 in great shape, no colds, flus, no serious illness ever, nothing! And Im not afraid to go out for needed items around the house, nor afraid to see my doctor. I guess I’ve been bless by God and Im always thankful for my health. My two olde brothers are the same way. Its in the genes, I guess!
    I will not let some other government mandate a restriction on my life. I will wear a mask whenever I do leave the house and stay the usual distance from people. But Covid or no Covid, I’ll put my faith in my Lord and Savior Jesus.

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