Pandemic Control: Medical Establishment, Bureaucracy, Media and Politicians Lied to You [Must See Video as Truth Comes Out]

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The truth is coming out.

You’ve been manipulated to be obedient to greater government control over your life.

This video interview with a Stanford University doctor powerfully exposes the deceitful myths:

  • Myth:  The death rate of 2.4 million. The data was flawed.  No such death rate.  The China COVID-19 death rate is around the same as the seasonal flu.
  • Myth: Asymptomatic spread – The lockdown was justified because asymptomatic COVID-19 coronavirus would produce massive and dangerous spread of the virus.  It was a myth.  No business.  No school.  No church.  Everything – Stay at home because of the asymptomatic spread.  Now the facts show it was a myth.
  • Myth:  Hospitals will be overwhelmed.  It has not happened, but deadly and critical damage has been done to American’s healthcare, doctors, and medical personnel from the unnecessary shutdown.
  • Myth:  Masks required. Masks have become a fear and control tool used by those in the medical establishment/government bureaucracy to force Americans into compliance and obedience.  (See last article here.)

Politicians gained more power and massively expanded government programs. They could not impose their new expansion without their emergency orders.

The bureaucracy expanded its control and power.

The government shut down churches, violating First Amendment rights for those who want to attend.

And schools. And sports.  And events.

The government shut down businesses – and, arrested or fired all who disobeyed – leaving 44 million unemployed, with thousands of bankruptcies of small businesses.

Watch the doctor look at the political backlash as the truth comes out.

Watch this 3 minute and 18 second video here.

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  1. I completely disagree with you about masks.
    Culturally, the east Asian countries wore masks and their case fatality rate was almost 0 per hundred thousand compared to western countries.
    If this comment section allowed graphics, I would post tons of them here to prove you wrong. I GO BY THE DATA.
    I have been called a sheep a coward and other vulgar names by fellow PATRIOTS simply because I wear a mask in public places. This is unconscionable.
    I believe we have been lied to -of course – but the best tools we have in terms of preventing the spread are social distancing and wearing masks.
    JUST ASK TAIWAN. And S Korea. And Japan. And others.
    If you have the guts, please email me and ask me for the gargantuan amount of data that I have.
    FYI, in five months we have close to 127,000 deaths. There is no let up yet.
    This is much worse than a typical flu season.
    Furthermore, Hong Kong, which utilized universal mask wearing, stopped the 2019 / 2020 flu season dead two months earlier than normal by wearing masks.
    Tell me how masks are ineffective.
    If mask wearing is uncomfortable or causes slightly lower oxygen levels, let me tell you how oxygen levels are totally decreased when you get COVID-19.
    And if mask wearing is uncomfortable or causes slightly lower oxygen levels, let me tell you how oxygen levels are totally decreased when you get COVID-19.
    I’ve done experiments with my pulse oximeter and various masks along with five friends – The only mask that caused an appreciable dip and oxygen levels was the N 95 while walking.

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