I Went to Church Illegally – The Next Sunday, It Was Legal – Here’s Why (Watch the Video)

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About 20 states are severely – and unconstitutionally – stopping churches from opening their worship services.

Last Sunday I was in California…where Pastor Jack Hibbs of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills had a powerful Sunday Worship Service – illegally. 

He did it despite the state government’s restrictions.

[See I Illegally Went to Church on Sunday:  7 Things Every Christian Should Know]

This Sunday, my wife, Shelly, and I went to Grace Chapel in Tennessee – legally. [See Video from Grace Chapel Service]

Tennessee is one of the states allowing churches to fully meet.

It was powerful.

Pastor Steve Bergen created a service for everyone.

Shelly and I were in the main sanctuary as normal – filled with people being taught God’s Word and being moved by a powerful worship.

The sanctuary was packed just like before the pandemic lockdown.

If anyone wanted an option to participate, the church had it:

  • A room for those wanting a mask.
    • A room with careful social distancing
    • A drive-in car service.

Let’s pray for those pastors opening their churches – for protection and the advancement of the gospel and ministry. 

Let’s pray for these pastors who must obey God, not man, in states that suppress the ministries of the church and evangelism.  [See Should Christians and Pastors Obey or Disobey Unfair Laws Romans 13 and Shutting Down Churches]

What has been your experience?  Email me at Craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. They make it so obvious that it has nothing to do with a virus. When the governor of Kentucky directs the state police to enforce his order banning drive-in church services, how much more obvious can it get? Other governors and mayors have issued similar orders.

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