It's disconcerting, but you must witness this.

It Makes Me Sick But You’ve Got To See This

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Let me show you something that makes me sick.

This is a hate map that is misleading, false, and wrong. It’s put out by a very well-funded progressive organization called the Southern Poverty Law Center.

As you can see, the Pacific Justice Institute is on this malicious and slanderous list.

I’ve supported the work of the Pacific Justice Institute for over 10 years, along with other pro-freedom groups.

The Pacific Justice Institute works tirelessly to defend religious freedom in our nation. And for that, they have been recently labeled a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Also on this list are the Family Research Council, Alliance Defending Freedom, Dennis Prager, James Dobson, and any Conservative or Christian group impacting our society today.

The media is constantly using this false accusation against these groups to destroy their work to protect religious liberty and advance freedom.

It’s slander. It’s false. It’s destructive

Because of these erroneous attacks, I need your help. Sadly, large corporations like Apple and JP Morgan are sending millions of dollars to this group spreading lies and disgusting propaganda.

I hope it makes you as sick as it does me.

And, I just now found out that George Soros has just given $18 billion, almost his entire fortune transferred to liberal groups.

This is why I started the petition to:

  1. Stop the SPLC
  2. Force the media to stop using their lies
  3. Halt the Corporations from funding these lies

We need your help to stop this evil and madness. Every dime counts. Could you please pray and consider helping with $10 to get out the truth, defend these legitimate groups and restore their credibility?

Every penny will go to stopping this injustice. We don’t have any large donors. That’s why we need your help.

Your $10 will help us reach over a million people to sign our petition and stop this injustice.

Click here to help now:

Thanks in advance

If you haven’t yet signed the petition to stop the lies and deception of the SPLC, click this link:


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