Outrage: Democratic Party Corruption

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Politics can be corrupt.

The politicians try to hide it, but the Republicans, Democrats, and Independents all use unethical strategies, tactics, and money to gain advantage—either for fame or power.

But the Democratic Party corruption in the primary race isn’t hidden.

It’s so outrageous!

In the Democratic Primary for Election 2016, Hillary Clinton has accumulated the higher delegate count, even though she barely won Iowa and Nevada, but lost heavily in New Hampshire.

Take New Hampshire:

Clinton: 38%

Sanders: 60.4%

Now check out the current delegate count:

Clinton — 502

Sanders – 70

And yet here is the breakdown of the delegate count from the first three primary contests:

IowaNew HampshireNevadaTotal
Hillary Clinton2391951
Bernie Sanders21151551


So, what’s going on?

The Democratic Party has a primary delegation program of so called “superdelegates”, which allows a requisite number of convention delegates to pledge for one nominee before any primary ballots are cast. However, superdelegates can switch their pledges throughout the process.

Even though she lost New Hampshire and barely won Nevada, she has many times the number of delegates compared to Sanders.

Corrupt? Yes, very!

Wrong? Yes, very!

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