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Postponing the broken promise by a year…

President Obama promised the American people they could keep their insurance and doctor. Period.

Now, millions have had their policies canceled and lost their doctors because of the flawed Obamacare.

     Now President Obama has promised a fix–but it’s not. It’s a lie.

Back in 2010, President Obama was able to pass Obamacare by a few votes–only because he lied.

In 2012, President Obama won the Presidential Election promoting Obamacare–only because he lied.

In 2013, the President says, “Yes you can keep your current healthcare plan and doctor–but if you can’t, you can always shop for a government-endorsed one: It will be better and more expensive…but in reality, you can’t keep your plan and doctor.”

     The President lied to cover up lies.

Now, there’s a stunning reversal.

     With the 2014 mid-terms coming up and liberal politicians who voted for the law in danger of losing the election, President Obama again lied.

He said he fixed the problem of people losing their insurance.

But it’s not true.

     The so-called delay in cancelations is only 1 year–until after the 2014 elections. Then they lose their insurance and doctor.

  • Plus, the insurance companies must agree to reversing the Obamacare mandate, which they may not do.
  • Plus, the State Insurance Commissioners must agree to the change, which they may not do. For example, Covered California is not agreeing to extend the policies that are at risk of being canceled. This will affect about 900,000 Californians.

  • Plus, you’ll get a letter saying you can go back to your old plan, but it’s better to go on Obamacare.
  • Plus, those who already got a letter are probably out of luck.

     It’s not a fix, but a political cover. It’s rhetoric, not reality–just another political lie.

In fact, just the other day, the Obama administration announced that the enrollment period for 2015 will be delayed to mid-November, which is after the 2014 elections. Their reason? To give consumers more time to learn about plans before enrolling, and insurers more time to evaluate how 2014 went to set premiums for 2015 accordingly.

But conveniently, they want this all to start after the mid-term elections. This reveals the real reason behind the delay: So that any increased premiums, failed signups or website problems won’t affect who people vote for.

     As many as 5 million people on individual insurance have been kicked off their plan with many more millions to come. 25 million are in danger.

And, half of all company employee plans will be canceled, forcing companies to drop insurance coverage in 2014. That means 93 million people are about to lose their current company-sponsored insurance plans.

The economic impact is devastating.

     For example, 3 out of 4 new jobs created are part-time, largely because of Obamacare.

Delta Airlines says that Obamacare propels their costs to an unsustainable level.

More taxes on drug companies and medical device makers will make access to affordable healthcare even more costly for seniors on Obamacare. It’ll also make for fewer innovative designs and new technological breakthroughs.

     It won’t be long until we see the next headlines:

     “Shortage of Nurses” 

     “Shortage of Doctors”

     “Rationing of Care–by the President’s ‘death panel'”

We need to replace Obamacare and create more choices, more Health Savings Accounts, more interstate competition (not the corrupt monopoly creating political system) and stop the frivolous lawsuits with real tort reform.

     We must repeal this. We must replace Obamacare. Now.

Here is a powerful video on how Obamacare deceived the American people. Click here.

     And watch this great video on how repealing Obamacare would create an economic and stock market boom. Click here.

Was your insurance canceled? If so, write to me and tell me your story at craig@craighuey.com.

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