NSA: Abuse Of Your Phone/Email/Search Privacy – Must See Video

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Our own protectors are spying on us


That’s the number of times the government has been caught so far spying on Americans in just 1 year, according to the latest audit of the National Security Agency (NSA).

     But the number really doesn’t stop there. “2,776” is the number of violation categories. The number of actual incidents could be tens of thousands…even millions. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Shortly after a New York woman typed “pressure cookers” into a Google search, six policemen in black SUVs showed up at her house, demanding answers to their questions about the family’s personal life. They wanted to find out if the family had any bombs they were trying to put together.

This is outrageous!

It’s time the NSA stops spying on us while lying about their activities

     The NSA is gutting our First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights.

This is not what’s done in a free America; we’re on the road to 1984’s Big Brother.

     Right now with the NSA, you’ve lost your right to privacy.

We have to get back to the basic American principles of privacy, freedom and individual rights, rather than have a governmental entity overseeing all of what we, the American people, are doing.

If our privacy is so neglected and abused today, our free speech is going to be abused and neglected tomorrow.

      This is an overreach by the government into your life.

The NSA has become a law unto its own and they have denied what they’re doing. They have tried to distort what they’re doing. They have neglected to tell the courts what they’re doing.

President Obama, Senator Feinstein and the NSA first said there was no confiscation of your phone calls, emails, Google searches, videos and photos. Then a little later, they said yes, there’s something happening, but it’s not abuse. Then they said, okay it’s abuse, but don’t worry.

     And we’re supposed to trust them?

The latest revelation is that they have 75% of everything you’ve Googled, emailed and watched. This is a bombshell and an infringement on our constitutional rights

This is not protection against terrorists; rather, this is leading up to terrorism against Americans by politicians and bureaucrats.

     And yes–it’s also a potential danger to “political opponents” and people of faith.

The American people have been guilty of nothing, but we are being treated as if we are guilty and under investigation when practically every email, photo and search has been confiscated by the government without oversight.

     This is what the NSA indicated:

  • No data is collected of Americans–a lie
  • Only calls had “metadata”–a lie
  • No abuse has occurred–a lie
  • Everything is overseen by a judge–a lie
  • They do what a judge says–a lie

The next step could very well be that Obamacare takes all of your health records and puts them in databases!

It’s time to stop the insanity. It’s too dangerous.

Check out these three videos that give shocking insight into this dire issue:

Reporter reveals thousands of NSA abuses. Click here to watch, It’s about 6-minutes long.

Rand Paul: NSA Spying Unconstitutional, Can’t Be Saved by More Oversight. Click here to watch. This one is longer, about 16 minutes.

Has the NSA gone amok? Watch here. It’sabout 8 minutes.
What do you think? Are the NSA violations negligible or are they endangering our privacy? Email me at craig@craighuey.com

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