California Scandal Unveiled: Which Government Official Faces Imprisonment? Video Exposes Reality.

California Scandal: Which Government Official Will Be In Prison? Video Exposes The Truth

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Your tax money paying for more fraudulent claims…

You have to see the video below of a bureaucrat running from the press. Why is she running? It’s because of the latest in a series of California drug rehab clinic fraud cases.

More than $94 million of federal tax money was wasted in California…not to help those who need it…but to line the pockets of rip-off artists, politicians and bureaucrats.

     It’s outrageous, it’s wrong and it’s fraudulent misuse of California taxpayers’ hard-earned money.

The scandal was discovered by CNN, exposing the attempted cover-ups and blatant tax abuse.

     The taxpayer-funded drug-counseling program saw $185.8 million come through its doors last year. Over half of the money was suspected of being fraudulently processed to fake patients, and the rest was highly questionable.

Only when this story hit national news did the state of California pay attention to the complaints and whistle-blowing.

     There needs to be jail time…

…for those ripping off the taxpayer…

…for bureaucrats who participated…

…for the state leaders who ignored it.

     And there should be lots and lots of firing. But with the Democratic Supermajority and the Brown administration, you’re not going to see it. In California, it will be “business as usual.”

Here’s the must-see video of bureaucrat Diana Dooley, Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency, running from the reporter who wants to investigate this case. It’s so embarrassing. Click here to watch.

It reminds me of Janice Hahn running from Chris Blandford on his investigation of gang fraud and the politicians.

Here is another video of Toby Douglas, Director of the California Department of Health Care Services, dodging questions like a typical bureaucrat. It makes me cringe to watch him try to evade the question over and over. You’ll be just as shocked by this video.Click here to watch it.

     Finally, if what we’ve seen isn’t enough, here’s a video that explains how teens were used as fake rehab patients so the clinic owners could make a buck off the state.

You’re going to shake your head at this. Watch it here.

Who will take responsibility? Who will stand for the integrity of the progressives? What other lack of oversight exists in state programs?

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