Must Have: My New Book on ‘The Deep State’ Is Now Available!

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I just finished my book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know.

I hope you’ll buy it today. Click here to order it now:

Nowhere else will you find this kind of information…

The idea of the existence of a “deep state” network of career politicians and unelected bureaucrats – working behind the scenes to control government policy – has been mocked, scoffed at and laughed at by the media and progressives…

Not any more…

The recent revelations from high-ranking FBI and CIA officials have exposed a conspiracy to influence government policies … undermine President Trump’s agenda … and even manipulate the outcome of a presidential election … far deeper and more sinister than anyone ever imagined.

Now you can learn the details of how the Deep State operates … at every level of the federal government and at every level of the corporate world … what it’s agenda really is … and how it will stop at nothing to preserve its power and achieve its goals.


  • The dirty little secret about “Obama’s army”
  • The little-known mystery: How sabotage and leaks are used
  • Under the radar: Politicization and weaponization of intelligence agencies
  • The #1 thing you should know about the media’s promotion of Deep State objectives
  • Hollywood collusion with the Deep State
  • Revealed: The difficulties in draining the swamp

… and more.

Order the book now at a special discount by going to


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