The Media Lie: I Attended a Conference of a “Hate Group” [Video and Petition]

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President Trump and I recently attended what the biased media called a “hate conference.”

Let me tell you what happened …

First, I’ve been trying to warn America about the dangers of the Southern Poverty Law Center for years.

It lies and is deceptive – it silences its opponents with its “hate group” label.

Its “Hate Map” identifies hate groups across America, but the SPLC puts Christian, conservative and anti-Islamic extremist groups in with hate groups.

This false and unfair categorization is well-known; professionals would never pay attention to its horrific distortion of truth.

But that didn’t stop publications like Newsweek, and news organizations like CNN, from broadcasting misleading stories based on the SPLC “hate group” label.

“Donald Trump to speak at hate group’s annual event, a first for a president,” screamed one Newsweek headline.

Another: “Trump tells hate group Americans ‘worship God,’ not government.”

Both articles dealt with Trump’s address at the Family Research Council’s annual Values Voter Summit, a conference sponsored by many mainstream conservative groups.

The pro-family value FRC is on the SPLC’s “hate group” list. So, it figures that anyone who attended the event, even Trump, is a “hater.”

The Southern Poverty Law Center bills itself as a watchdog of hate groups. It started off as a noble protector of civil rights causes.

But today, it is nothing more than a sham – a progressive leftist tool that uses every excuse possible to bait unsuspecting donors.

  • Fact: The SPLC spends twice as much on fundraising as it does on legal services for victims of legitimate civil rights abuses.
  • Fact: The SPLC has an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands.
  • Fact: The FBI has deleted the SPLC from its website’s list of legitimate resources on hate crimes.

Its goals are to shut down free speech with anyone it disagrees with, especially Christian and conservative groups.

And the mainstream media eats up their lies as if they were facts. A little journalist research on their part would prove the SPLC wrong.

Conservatives who believe in traditional American values are being slandered with lies and falsehoods:

  • If you believe that marriage is between a man and woman, you are a “hate group.”
  • If you are pro-life, you are a “hate group.”

They are labeled “hate groups,” alongside sinister white supremacists and Nazis.

Journalist and author Karl Zinsmeister explains the SPLC’s true goals in this brilliant 5-minute video.

Sign the petition to stop the lies and deception of the SPLC by clicking this link:


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  1. This is a very dangerous group. Some Christians being deceived and we need to learn and do our homework before putting ourselves in this type of organization.
    Thank you Craig, for educating us!

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