The Deep State's Negative Impact on You and Your Family: Unveiling the Media's Hidden Realities

The Media Isn’t Telling You the Truth about How the Deep State Is Hurting You and Your Family

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The biased media isn’t telling you the truth about the Deep State…


The identity of the Deep State – and the way it operates – is confusing to most people I talk to.


Whether I’m on the radio or TV … speaking at a group … or one on one … there’s a lot of misunderstanding and purposeful confusion about the Deep State – created by politicians, social media, the news media and more.


This is why I wrote the book, The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know.


The first chapter explains precisely what the Deep State is…


And then, in a fast-moving, concise way, the book explains everything you need to know – and will be horrified about – concerning the Deep State:


  • How bloated bureaucracies waste your taxpayer dollars (see page 45).
  • How intelligence agencies are weaponized to carry out the Deep State agenda – things you won’t read elsewhere concerning the FBI, CIA and more (see page 61).
  • The importance of federal judges, and why many of them are part of the Deep State – they violate their constitutional authority by attacking President Trump, our freedom and our national sovereignty (see page 77).
  • I talk about the lobbyists and their influence on the president (see page 91).
  • How Republicans have betrayed basic principles to support the Deep State (see page 105).
  • How nonprofit organizations and foundations have created an unholy alliance with the Deep State (see page 115).
  • How Obama’s Organizing for Action has so much power and influence – the dirty little secret (see page 129).
  • Voter fraud: How the Deep State is utilizing fraud in many places … and how it can be exposed and identified (see page 143)
  • The biased media: How it’s giving a voice to The Deep State (see page 157).
  • How the Deep State is at war against Christianity … how it’s being conducted and why (see page 175).
  • Eight reasons the Deep State can’t be fixed … but what we can do about it (see page 197).
  • Why the Deep State is encouraging – and accelerating – the move toward socialism (see page 211).


This is just some of the must-have material you will find in my book.


You can order a hardback copy of The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know on Amazon. It’s also available on Kindle.


If you order the book on our website, I’d be happy to sign it.


The Deep State’s intent is for you to be ignorant of the truth, so it can expand its power and resist anyone that disagrees with its progressive agenda.


I believe the Deep State is one of the greatest dangers to America today – to your rights, your freedom, and everything you value and have worked so hard for.


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