Media and Politician Deception: How Obama/Biden Handled a Virus Crisis

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Remember the H1N1 Swine Flu pandemic in 2009 and 2010?

Here is a powerful contrast between how government officials and the media reacted to a virus crisis during the Obama/Biden administration … and how the Trump administration has handled the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

Watch how the previous administration reacted… and how the media responded so differently (16-minute report).

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  1. Hello everyone. To be perfectly honest, if this was not in the news, everyone would be going about their lives without a thought about this virus, as they should. The actions of our government are beyond comprehension. “We will never be a socialist country” I heard our president say at a rally. Where are we now, in the matter of a few days? Closing business, quarantine, don’t leave your home. Opening the country’s checkbook to spend untold billions. Your business is not “essential”. ALL business is essential. ALL workers need to work to feed their families, no work, no money, no money, no food! The cure for this virus: kill the patient. The needs of the very few outweigh the needs of the many. Typical politicians want all the power and none of the responsibility for their actions that affect great numbers of people. I include all from both parties.
    If we look at the numbers, which no one does. This flu(have you noticed they don’t call the corona virus the flu? it’s always a virus, covid 19, etc.) season so far, CDC numbers, 22,000 have died from the “regular” flu. Last flu season was a bad one and 61,000 died. And our “regular” flu can kill anyone of any age, from infant to the elderly. These numbers do not include deaths from the corona virus. Are you ready for the number of deaths from the corona virus? The almighty corona virus that will kill the planet if we don’t stop the spread? 229, yes 229. Not thousands or tens of thousands. We are shutting down the country because a few people caught the flu! If the regular flu kills so many, tens of thousands more than corona, where is the distancing for that? where is the close your business for that? where is the quarantine for that?
    We are telling grownups, adults, to wash their hands! That is something you tell a small child that doesn’t know any better. We are being treated like ignorant little children and that is how we are acting. Boo! see how they run! The media has a great part in this along with the authorities. All you hear is: there is no cure! there is no vaccine! crisis! the numbers of infected are growing everyday! The impression is given that if you contract this virus you will die. And everyone believes it without informing themselves. The “crisis” is how stupid we are and how easily manipulated and how the government can just take over everything in a moment. How we live and work, our movements.
    Shame on anyone who plays on these fears. I include those of the faith community of which I am one. ” We need to pray for a stop to this virus” How easily we are distracted and deceived. There are so many things exponentially more important than the impact of this virus. Let’s shut down the churches! Let’s shut down everything!
    Looking at how a previous administration acted does us no good unless we think we are doing it better. look at us! we did it better! I think we have past the point of saving lives. This something bigger. This is the greatest fraud and hoax ever.
    Forgive the length of this comment but I could go on with more. From our children and their school year to so much more. May our Lord, God and Savior Jesus Christ help and protect us from the actions of our government and the chaos that it has created. The bless you all.

    1. That is an intelligent an well-thought out response. Yes, we need to turn to Christ Jesus for the answers for living in this world. Thank you and Amen!! brother!!

    2. what your saying makes sense and is frightening that the gov.has shut down almost everything. i agree yet i’ve heard from different dr.s websites sources etc. that this virus is different in many ways- and i’m sure you’ve heard these same reports? if not i suggest you listen to a dr.s response on focus on the family -jim daly’s show from this weekend and a report from WND called “whose fingerprints are on the coronavirus” by lt.gen. james zumwalt – that report says this virus is like a virus on steroids and is 10 times more deadlier.

  2. Epoch Times is reporting (in a country that requires each citizen to have a cell phone) that a million cell phone services have been closed. Since China is not forthcoming about death rates, this flu may not be the mild death rate that we are now experiencing. Our hospitals don’t have the beds for it if it gets into the population. However, most of us are suffering financially.

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