Lockdown Disneyland? It’s Not About Public Health if the “Cure” is Worse than the Disease

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Disneyland is a perfect example of the moral, economic and scientific bankruptcy of a lockdown.

It’s not about “public health” regardless of what the self-proclaimed “experts” say.

It’s not about keeping you safe regardless of what California Governor Gavin Newsom says.

It’s about keeping everyone in fear…

It’s about keeping everyone under control…

Disney theme parks are open in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Orlando, Florida. Not a single COVID-19 case has been reported by guests or cast members at any of those parks. Yet Disneyland and Disney California Adventure in Anaheim, California remain closed.


Because government leaders and public health “experts” want to keep you in fear so they can take away more and more of your freedoms and independence.

There’s no reason based on either science or data for the southern California theme parks to remain closed. Disney has much stricter public health and safety protocols than the grocery store you shop in every week … or the Best Buy or Home Depot or other large box store you frequent much more often than you would set foot in Disneyland if the park was open.

So much for following the science and the data.

Meanwhile, the economic toll to the local economy of southern California and to the residents of Anaheim and the surrounding area is endangering public health more than the COVID-19 pandemic.

If Disneyland remains closed until March 2021 – which it almost certainly will – Orange County – where Disneyland is located—will lose 33,200 jobs … and the greater southern California region will lose 46,100 jobs. In addition, the local economy will experience a $5 billion loss.1

That’s right. $5 billion because the politicians say so.

While Disneyland employs over 31,000 cast members, another 47,000 local jobs rely on the resort.

The City of Anaheim currently has a $100 million budget deficit and an unemployment rate of 15% due to the closure of the resort and many other small businesses that rely on resort guests for their livelihood.

In addition, joblessness, business closures and stay-at-home orders cause:

  • An increase in domestic violence
  • An increase in drug and alcohol abuse
  • An increase in suicide

All of the above are public health crises that are far greater than that of a virus that has a 99.5% survival rate even without a vaccine!

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1 https://spectrumnews1.com/ca/la-west/business/2020/10/23/disneyland-s-closure-could-result-in–5-billion-hit-to-socal-economy

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  1. The cure: Get rid of Newsom !!! recall this anti-American now !! This maggot is power hungry and a total threat to all our health problems and work related.

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