Progressive Court: Supports Government Regulation of the Internet

Liberal Court: Upholds Government Control of the Internet

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Judicial activists upheld Obama’s Federal Communications Commission grab to control the Internet.

Long-time readers know I’ve fought this move and worried about it many times.

Despite the widespread opposition to government intervention into the Internet, the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled in favor of President Obama’s new “net neutrality” rules.

Legal challenges to Obama’s FCC power-grab rightly noted this his order violated:

  1. Administrative law
  2. The Communications Act
  3. And mostly importantly, the First Amendment

For decades, the FCC served only as an economic regulator, but we all should now fear that the federal government will limit who can say what, shaping our culture and politics for the worse. Liberal interests know that they can further exert their control over the country through this agency.

Control of flow and output of free speech: the progressive Left’s dream come true.

For the past three decades, deregulation has been the norm in federal communications laws. The monopoly on the telephone service gave way to private providers, and now Americans can talk, text, share photos, and other incredible innovations—at a lower cost.

The Democratic National Committee used the FCC in the late 1960s to drive conservatives off the airwaves through “the fairness doctrine”. President Ronald Reagan revoked this unfair mandate, and our political discourse has become more diverse, while demanding greater transparency and accountability from our elected officials.

Sadly, the D.C. Court’s latest decision is a major blow to individual liberty, freedom of expression and innovation, and will create another large bureaucracy at taxpayers’ expense.

The Court’s blatant disregard for the First Amendment also shows how important this next election will be.

We need a President who will appoint strict constructionists, judges who interpret the law rather than create the law.

And most importantly, jurists who honor and uphold the United States Constitution, and who will overturn the executive supremacy of the Obama Administration.

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