Las Vegas: An Act of Pure Evil [Video]

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America is mourning over the largest mass shooting in the country’s history.

President Trump called it an act of pure evil.

As a nation:

  • We seek answers as we try to make sense out of this shooting spree.
  • We mourn the victims and give our condolences.
  • We pray for peace and love.

The city, particularly through the help of its churches, was galvanized in the aftermath of a tragedy that left 59 people dead.

According to one doctor, Las Vegas rolled out its “disaster plan” flawlessly.

Blood banks filled demand to capacity … and then some. They had to turn donors away.

Las Vegas has so far raised $9.2 million for victims and their families through a GoFundMe page. CLICK HERE to donate.

As our President pointed out immediately following the shooting:

  • We search for meaning in the chaos, but the answers don’t come easy.
  • It’s our love that defines us today and always will, forever.

On Wednesday, Trump flew to Las Vegas to visit victims in the hospital.

As Trump pointed out during his visit:

“Many families will go to bed in a world that is suddenly empty. We know that your sorrow feels endless. We stand together to carry your pain. We will never leave your side.

“We are not defined by evil, but by our love, courage and goodness. That goodness is our lighthouse.”

We don’t always have answers to the “Whys” when we find ourselves in the midst of a senseless tragedy.

But we do have the “Hope” that as a people and as a country we can overcome such tragedies.

We can learn that love, not hate, is the unifying spirit that brings us together.

President Trump gives an impromptu briefing as he visits a Las Vegas hospital in this 4-minute video.

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  1. Take all the guns from law abiding citizens and the criminally insane will still get them. Most importantly, evil dictators have to take your guns before they can rule over you.

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