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Just an Odd Coincidence… Or…? 5 Unbelievable Examples of How the FBI/DOJ Manipulate the Press, Public Opinion, and Crushes News It Doesn’t Like

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The FBI/DOJ weaponization of government goes beyond the abuse of power against its political enemies.

It includes an intentional, well-constructed PR campaign to influence public opinion and shape perception through social and traditional media.

Let me give you 5 examples of how government tries to manipulate the press and public opinion… including crushing negative news:

1) Deep State Negative Event: March 16th Congress Reveals Biden Family Received Payments from foreign countries

Deep State Response: April 4th Trump is Indicted in NY

2) Deep State Negative Event: June 7th FBI releases documents showing Bidens Allegedly took a $10 million bribe

Deep State Response: June 8th Trump indited in Mar-a-Lago case

3) Deep State Negative Event: June 8th GOP House hearing members
view Biden Bribery document (1023 Form), FBI were hiding.

Deep State Response: June 9th, Trump Indicted for Classified Docs

4) Deep State Negative Event: July 26th, Hunter Plead Deal Fails

Deep State Response: July 27th, Jack Smith surprised America
charging Trump with additional charges

5) Deep State Negative Event: July 31st, Hunter Biden’s business partner Devon Archer testifies before GOP hearing about how Joe Biden was on calls with Hunter and his corrupt business partners.

Deep State Response: August 1st, Trump was Indicted for Jan. 6th

These are major Trump media stories that divert attention and change the media narrative from a negative event for Biden to a negative event for Trump—all part of the Deep State’s narrative.

And this involves major issues. Minor issues seem to be reported with odd… coincidental leaks that originate with the Department of Justice.

This is all coordinated, planned, and intentional… It’s timed PR.

It’s the Deep State’s propaganda war against truth and corruption.

Note: What you can do:

1) When the DOJ/FBI announce a new indictment, ask what happened the day before that they want to divert media attention from.

2) We must completely drain the swamp in the 2024 election for American Survival

3) Know what the “Deep State” is read my book The Deep State: 15 Surprising Dangers You Should Know About.

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