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Joe Rogan: A Christian? The Shocking Video That’s Being Played in Churches

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Joe Rogan is known for blunt, unfiltered secular comedy.

As America’s #1 podcaster with over 16 million subscribers on YouTube, he shocked his audience last month…. And got the attention of Christians.

In this video, he interviewed NFL veteran and New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who is a Christian.

Watch this 2 minute clip from the Joe Rogan Experience and then tell me what you think:


Also here is a transcription of the conversation:

Aaron Rodgers:

“But don’t you think there has to be some sort of field of value that can Orient people into like, hey, let’s do things a little bit better because these things actually matter. There is right and wrong, there is morality, there is certain like…”

Joe Rogan:

“well unfortunately the problem with living in a secular society and living in a society that has a lot of people that are atheists that have no belief system at all is you find a belief system, and that’s a lot of these people that call themselves atheists or they subscribe to the religion of woke you know their God is equity and inclusiveness their God is this ideology that they think that you have to subscribe to and that’s why it’s spooky because people human beings seem to have a very strong desire for some sort of order and form and some sort of pattern that they can follow that seems to be the right way to go and they can be led they can be led by Cults they can be led by groups of people they can be led by you know you know intolerant governments and evil armies and corrupt politicians they could be led but I think as time rolls on people are going to understand the need to have some sort of divine structure to things some sort of belief in the sanctity of love and of Truth and a lot of that comes from religion a lot of people’s moral compass and the guide lines that they’ve used to follow to live a just and righteous life has come from religion and unfortunately a lot of very intelligent people they dismiss all the positive aspects of religion because they think that the stories are mere superstitious fairy tales that you know they they have no place in this modern world and you know we’re inherently good and your ethics are based on your own moral compass and we all have one and that’s not necessarily true we need to do we need Jesus I think for real like if he came back now it’ be great like Jesus if you’re thinking about coming back right now now’s a good time pretty soon yeah.”

Aaron Rodgers:

“Now’s a good time. Well, there’s a lot of people that think that that might be coming”

Joe Rogan:

“Well, it might be.”

Aaron Rodgers:

“A mark of the beast. If there is the Christianity part and Jesus wants to come back and save everything.”

Joe Rogan:

“It’d be good right around now, yeah, like don’t wait till the election…”

What do you think? Why, for the first time, is Joe talking like this?

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