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Christian Leaders: What Trump Said Made the Biased Media’s Heads Spin

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After Shelly and I saw Donald Trump speak to Christian leaders, broadcast ministries, megachurches, podcasters, filmmakers, and authors, we saw a “different” Donald Trump in tone… and a candidate who wanted Christian support.

But when I went to social media and the biased media, heads were spinning in anger and fear… Why?

Former President Donald Trump unveiled his plans to “make America greater” during a speech at the National Religious Broadcasters Convention (NRB).

I wasn’t sure how the audience would react.

But as Trump unfolded his plans to “save the country,” the Christian leaders became eager and receptive.

Trump expressed his frustration with the lack of faith spreading across the country and urged Christian leaders to “help us get it back and spread the great word of God.” He said, “Religious leaders were tasked to lead and strengthen the country with the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ. Today, we are in a struggle for our nation. To win this battle, we need the hand of our Lord and the grace of almighty God.”

Trump’s plan for his second term include:

  • Prevent WWIII– Bring peace, not war
  • Seal the border and stop the invasion and finish building the Southern border wall
  • Deport all of the illegal immigrants and criminals that Biden let into the country
  • Use Title 42 to stop child trafficking
  • Stop drugs from coming into the country
  • Stop Bidenomics by cutting taxes and getting rid of burdensome regulations
  • Abolish the JohnsonAmendment that crushes the 1st Amendment rights of pastors
  • Become energy independent—Drill Baby Drill!
  • Bring back law and order– Overhaul the DOJ and investigate every radical, out-of-control prosecutor
  • Institute a Universal School Choice voucher to empower parents, including home-schooling
  • Close the Department of Education and move control back to the states
  • Keep men out of women’s sports, and stop transgender/LGBTQ ideology in the classroom
  • Ban child mutilation in all 50 states

At the end of his speech, Trump urged everyone that we need to “defeat the worst president in American history… So, get out and vote for Trump.”

See the video below of Former President Trump delivering remarks to the National Religious Broadcasters Presidential Forum.

Action Steps:

1) Get my new book, The Great Deception: 10 Shocking Dangers and the Blueprint for Rescuing the American Dream.

The Great Deception exposes lies, myths, and distortions from the media and politicians [ see Chapter 11: Danger #10: The Age of Deception’s 3 M’s- Messaging, Misinformation, and Mobilization]

It allows you to share these dangers and a solution to cutting through the deception with friends and family.

It exposes under-the-radar and little-known behind-the-scenes reasons America is falling backward and how to make it move again.

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2) Pray for the physical protection of Trump and Biden.

3) Pray that Trump will surround himself with people of faith.

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  1. It certainly is the time to bring God Back to the U.S. Our problem has become ” Money is their God”.
    Never have figured out why people want more then they need when they can’t live to spend it all. Because of the cost of living Our Retirement is long gone. We have lived too long. I am 85. We are living off our house. When I was growing up I thought if I had a roof over My head and food to eat I had it made. Now people won’t even work. I was raised if you didn’t work you didn’t eat.

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