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It’s a New day in America – A Dark day: How the Democrats are Outmaneuvering Republicans with Ballot Harvesting and Advanced Data Research

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It’s an epic battle between Trump and the Deep State…

It’s an invisible army of unelected bureaucrats…

It’s a war against former President Donald Trump, free speech, Conservatives, Christians, and Libertarians.

I spoke about all this with Jerry Newcombe, host of the national show/podcast Vocal Point.

I told Jerry a disturbing fact about the 2024 election. You see the left could “win by mobilizing their army of volunteers, motivated and energized by their Trump hatred to get out the vote by knocking on doors, ballot harvesting, poll watching, texting, phone calls, campus outreach, and more….It’s a new day in America – a dark day with a pathway leading to our nation’s destruction.”

Listen to my interview (it’s free, and no downloads are necessary), “Podcast with Analyst Craig Huey on America at the Crossroads – Providence Forum”.

During Jerry’s national radio/podcast, I talked about:

  • How the nation is closer to Socialism than most realize
  • How going after Trump mobilizes the left and helps with donations to Democrat party candidates and raises an army of self-righteous volunteers.
  • Ballot Harvesting—How radical Democrats are beating us with data and organization.
  • Deep State weaponized government of corruption against political opponents and anyone that disagrees with them.
  • How government employees use their power through regulations and censorship to impose their will and beliefs on Americans—They don’t care about your opinion; they want to be obeyed.
  • How the Deep State influences elections by colluding with social and traditional media.
  • How the Republican party is 20 years behind the radical Democrat’s Get Out the Vote (GOTV).
  • 60% of Evangelical Christians that are registered to vote—don’t vote—How we can motivate them to vote.
  • Steps Conservatives, Libertarians, Republicans, and Christians must take to turn America around—Prayer, Volunteering, Donations to Candidates, and Urging Pastors toListen to my interview, “Podcast with Analyst Craig Huey on America at the Crossroads – Providence Forum”.

I know you will enjoy it and want to share this interview with others.

I think you’ll learn things you didn’t know, and you’ll get a better perspective on what we’re up against.

Listen to my interview, “Podcast with Analyst Craig Huey on America at the Crossroads – Providence Forum” — it’s about 14 minutes.

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