Islamic State, Terrorism Impacts You

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You should be concerned as the Islamic State grows.

It’s not rational. And it’s not new.

For centuries, radical Islamic terrorists have sought to impose a caliphate–a dictatorial theocratic government based on Sharia law.

   It’s brutal and ruled by terror. It will strike the U.S. It will impact you and your


President Obama and his administration is pretending it doesn’t matter much, that it isn’t a concern.

They are dead wrong.

And thousands of massacred people in Syria, Iraq and other countries prove it.

   For example, the genocide against Christians in the past 8 months has been horrific:



Slaughter of children and women.

All because they believed in Jesus Christ.

Over 200,000 had to flee their homes and leave everything behind–including all valuables–jewelry and cell phones, everything.

They had to denounce their faith in Christ and become a Muslim.

If not, flee or die.

Many of those fleeing were brutally killed anyway.

   This is mass Christian genocide of historical proportions. (That’s why I have a petition I hope you’ll sign here).

But Christians aren’t the only ones suffering.

  • Homosexuals are being slaughtered.
  • Women and teenagers are being sold into slavery.
  • Opposition is oppressed with death.
  • Women are accused of adultery and immediately killed.


There are already over 100,000 fighters and the Islamic State (formerly ISIS, and also ISIL) wants to expand throughout the Middle East and into Europe and beyond, including the U.S.—“Our flag will be flying over the White House.”

And they can afford it.

Look here at their financial capabilities!



   Now, it’s time to arm the Kurds, help relief efforts and stop the massacre.

It’s time to destroy the threat before it’s too late.

War should always be the last resort.

But Obama has denied the reality of the growing Middle East crisis, much of what he caused.

   As a nation, we must maintain “peace through strength” and that demands action, not words.

Radical jihadists are growing because of poorly chosen words, empty threats and too little action, too late.

The president’s speech was supposed to be reassuring, but it was bizarre if you took a closer look:

  • It’s a strategy that was too “general, just words.”
  • There was an emphasis on us being safe under Obama, when we aren’t.
  • Teaching us the Islamic State is not Islamic and not a state and refusing to recognize the evil.
  • And a weird boasting of how his economic policies are right, that people are working and everyone is prospering.

President Obama should have:

  1. Asked Congress for permission for military action as required by the Constitution.
  2. Explained the threat to the American people without applauses and create a clarity of action.
  3. Demanded support from impacted Middle East nations, not just words.
  4. Rescue and help the Christians facing genocide.
  5. Arm the Kurds properly, immediately.
  6. Used the power of persuasive communication and media to protect freedom and sanity and give the oppressed people hope.
  7. Reinforced Israel’s Iron Dome protections.
  8. Secured our border from Islamic State infiltration.
  9. Known who and where the 6,000 missing foreign student visa holders are.
  10. Helped allow Christian relief organizations to aid those in desperate need of foreign assistance.
  11. Resisted any nation building or unconstitutional actions.
  12. And done all of this 8-10 months ago before it got so bad and so many died.

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