Outrage: Liberal Politicians Cave-in to CTA Money, Status Quo; Brown, Harris, Torlakson Hurt the Children, Protect Bad Teachers, Help Themselves

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The new court ruling was historic…

It was for the kids…and against bad teachers, predator teachers, against teachers who should be fired but can’t be because of tenure. The judge ruled that the tenure law was unconstitutional.

I wrote about its huge impact on 6.2 million California students here, in the last issue.

   The judge said, among other things:

  • Tenure is so bad it “shocks the conscience.”
  • Tenure funneled the worst teachers to minority schools.
  • Those hurt most by tenure were Latino and Black students.

It was nearly impossible to get rid of

  • lousy teachers.
  • Students in low-income districts are disproportionately affected by last-hired, first-fired tenure rules.

   Sadly, the Superintendent of Public Education, Tom Torlakson–controlled by the California Teachers Association (CTA)–asked Attorney General Kamala–also controlled by the CTA–Harris to appeal the ruling, protecting the status quo and bowing to the money of the CTA.

And so did Governor Brown, also controlled by CTA money.

And so did most Liberal Democratic legislators, mostly controlled by the CTA.

So, tenure continues as the “Vergara” court ruling is appealed.


  • The hope for better education, especially in the inner city, is being crushed.
  • The hope to fix the broken, dysfunctional government school system is crushed.
  • The hope for getting rid of bad teachers is crushed.

Torlakson says tenure isn’t the problem, more money for the schools is. The CTA and California Federation of Teachers asserted that, without tenure, teachers “may not teach topics such as Islam or Global Warming that might be considered controversial.”

It’s shameful…just excuses to protect the status quo…excuses for those who care more about teacher security than the education and safety of the learning environment for children…excuses from the politicians addicted to CTA control.

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