Historic Supreme Court Victory: No “Right” to Abortion – 7 Things Everyone Should Know

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The Supreme Court just ruled there is no constitutional “right” to Abortion.


The infamous… and unconstitutional… Roe v. Wade was just overturned.

I never thought I’d see this in my lifetime.

I thank God for this… and all those who have been working and praying for this outcome.

The rule of law and the Constitution – was just protected… along with the unborn.


Here are 7 things you should know:

#1. No Constitutional “Right” To Abortion – Roe v. Wade Overturned

Here is the core of what the court said.

“We hold that Roe and [Planned Parenthood v. Casey] must be overruled. The Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right is implicitly protected by any constitutional provision.”

“Roe was egregiously wrong from the start. Its reasoning was exceptionally weak, and the decision has had damaging consequences. And far from bringing about a national settlement of the abortion issue, Roe and Casey have enflamed debate and deepened division.”

#2. The Court – Under Horrific Pressure – Did Not Cave; They Did What Was Right

The justices were under incredible pressure to compromise and not overturn the 50-year-old Supreme Court ruling Roe v. Wade.

Judicial activists made up a law – a false “constitutional right” that was not in the Constitution.

It was a flawed political ruling.

But President Trump and the Republican-controlled Senate appointed three strict constructionist justices, giving them a majority on the Court.

A judicial activist legislates from the bench — ruling according to his or her personal opinion.

A strict constructionist rules based on the Constitution, not personal opinion.

Justice Samuel Alito authored the majority opinion, being joined by justices Clarence Thomas, Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Neil Gorsuch. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote a concurring opinion.

Roberts tried to compromise the ruling but did concur.

Judicial activists Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor, and Elena Kagan filed a dissenting opinion.

Elections have consequences.

The Constitution won.

#3. The Insane Pressure to Stop the Ruling and Keep Roe v. Wade Failed

The pressure on the Court to compromise was intense. But they did not cave into the pressure and threats to their lives and children.

For example, there was the leaked draft opinion to put pressure on the judges. It failed.

There were illegal protests at the justices’ homes… Political and media pressure. Even death attempts.

Instead of compromising, they corrected a historical wrong.

#4. What’s Next for The States.

63 million unborn children have been murdered since the Roe v. Wade ruling.

Now it’s up to each state to decide on abortion.

Some states will allow abortion even up to birth. Some will promote life and adoption.

And stop abortion.

#5. Chaos Next – The Radicals

Expect violence and protests to escalate against churches and pro-life centers – see U.S. Churches Under Attack: Disruption, Vandalism, and Fire.

Be prepared.

#6. The Next Battle – The Elections

The upcoming November elections will be impacted by this decision.

The radicals will mobilize a massive, organized get-out-the-vote (GOTV) campaign. This is key to winning an election.

I am afraid the pro-lifers may not mobilize and maybe won’t even vote.

That would be wrong… and disastrous.

It’s the state elections (and judges) now that are key as the abortion laws change in every state. Some for the good, some for the worst.

#7. What You Can Do

It’s time to make sure we vote our values in the November election. And help the pro-life candidates and judges.

It’s time we come to the aid of the pregnancy centers and promote adoption.

It’s time for the church to be prepared and reach out on the issue without compromise.

Finally, I want to personally tell you that I’m praising God for this incredible gift of the Supreme Court decision.

It’s not only protecting your children for the future, but also awakening people to how precious life is.

I know among our readers a large percentage have had an abortion or know someone who has had an abortion. What’s so great is that God is the God of forgiveness… and the God of second chances. He is a God of redemption.

And now, because of this historic Supreme Court decision, we can have a culture that promotes life and adoption.

I would not be here today. I would not have been married to my beautiful wife. I would not have had my amazing children if Roe v. Wade had been the law when I was born.

I would not have my work and my ministries.

I would not be alive today.

I was adopted.

And I can tell you that I thank God continually for the great parents He gave me.

And for the opportunity to have life.

I encourage everyone to pray about how you could adopt, encourage people to adopt, or help the pregnancy centers to promote adoption.

It’s needed now more than ever.


Let me know what you think. Email me at craig@craighuey.com

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  1. I am with you all the way. Life is a gift. God gives life and only God decides
    when our life should end. Amen.

  2. Glory to the LORD !! I’m so thankful for you all the organizations that been fighting trough all this year for the Life !! We give thanks to the Holy Father for you as a worrier, your family and evert single person with the courage, valor and decision to stand in the breach fighting for our kids and future generations !!! The Lord Bless you all and cover you under his wings, protect all from evil!! Thank you for your precious words of encouragement to those woman who pass trough the painful situation ♥️♥️♥️

  3. Thank You Jesus for this WONDERFUL VICTORY OF LIFE!!! Thank You Father for CRAIG’S LIFE and all You are doing for and through him and his precious family!!!

  4. Praise God Almighty ! I along with millions of christians have been praying Roe would be overturned. Now it goes to the states to decide. Unfortunately many states will continue to allow abortions. Thank you Craig for all your info.

  5. Thank you Craig for all you do. God is the only one in charge. Life is so precious. Praise the Lord the Supreme Court had the courage and determination not to back down. Prayer is powerful.


  7. I am CONSTANTLY amazed by God’s grace, mercy, love and FORGIVENESS! For Him to hear all of our prayers and do this while this certain administration is in office is miraculous!

    I encourage all of my Christian brothers and sisters to keep fighting on our knees… keep praying. The battle for our most innocent of citizens is not done. Once the celebration winds down, actively seek out businesses of pro life in your area and help out however you can! Share on social media those outlets, as well as folks looking to adopt! Let pregnant women know, you are there for them and will stand in the gap for them throughout their (unwanted) pregnancy. Then actually DO it! It starts with you and me! We (you, me + GOD;) can do this!!

  8. We should all pause to consider how great our God really is. He manifests Himself in ways that we are awed. Ten years seems to be a unit of time for Him to respond with amazing sudden power. I remember that he took 10 years to once startle me with a restoration of a symbolic cross on the Los Angeles County Seal. It did not endure but it revealed how He can respond swiftly and unexpectedly. I praise God, and thank Mike Antonovich for his perseveration on that issue.
    Now I think it appropriate to thank President Trump for his appointment of 3 Catholic jurists to the US Supreme Court who gave America this timely end of Roe V Wade after 10 years, and restored the power of State’s Rights to our Constitution. Sadly, we had almost abandoned this cornerstone of our peculiar Nation. I know we have difficulty with our memories, but let’s hang onto this demonstration of God’s Power for the rest of our days.

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