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Special Report: 14 Powerful Gun Violence Facts You Won’t Hear in the Media or See on Facebook [Videos]

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The “March for Our Lives” protests in Washington, D.C. – and in more than 800 other cities in the U.S. and around the world – dominated the news this past weekend.

What wasn’t mentioned in the mainstream media coverage is how anti-gun activists have hijacked the Parkland school massacre and the student survivors to promote their agenda … and shut down any debate regarding common sense actions designed to prevent future mass shootings in schools.

What was advertised as a demonstration about stopping gun violence ended up being a huge anti-Second Amendment rally … in which the NRA and law-abiding gun owners were vilified for the heinous act of one deranged criminal.

Here are 14 important facts you should know about the “March for Our Lives” movement … and about the causes of – and the solutions for – gun violence:

  1. The “March for Our Lives” student rallies made history – thanks to the media and progressive activists.

An estimated 200,000 students and anti-gun advocates gathered in Washington D.C. … and a total of about 2 million in more than 800 other cities.

Bus and plane transportation costs were organized by, Barack Obama’s Organizing for Action (OFA), anti-gun organizations … and wealthy progressives such as Oprah Winfrey and George Clooney.

Teachers and administrators joined with progressive activists to organize and coordinate messaging and talking points.

  1. Progressive politicians and organizations had specific goals in mind for the student marches.

They are very good at taking advantage of emotionally-charged rallies and protests to organize and mobilize people for future political activities…

Barack Obama has said it best: “Change requires more than righteous anger. It requires a program, and it requires organizing.”

Specifically, the progressives used the marches to:

  • Register the students and other participants to vote
  • Mobilize participants to help with the 2018 election campaigns of progressive anti-gun candidates
  • Recruit an activist base to help in the 2020 elections … and for other issues
  • Promote their agenda of banning certain types of so-called “assault weapons” … and redefining the Second Amendment

One of their selected spokespersons – Parkland shooting survivor Emma Gonzalez – wore an Army fatigue-like shirt at the Washington D.C. rally … containing a communist Cuban flag on the right sleeve rather than an American flag.

It’s not surprising that this wasn’t reported in the mainstream media…

  1. The shooting survivor spokespersons are ignoring the failure of government to keep them safe by enforcing existing gun laws.

The students are demanding stricter gun laws … assuming additional legislation will stop school shootings…

They are totally ignoring the failure of government to consistently enforce existing gun laws … which would have prevented the Parkland shooter from purchasing his arsenal of weapons.

No mention was made at the Washington, D.C. gathering of any of these government failures:

  • The failure of the FBI to act on tips given to them about the suspicious behavior of the shooter
  • The failure of social media to report the shooter’s threatening online posts to law enforcement
  • The failure of Broward Sheriff’s Office to act on the warnings given them by Child Protection Teams (CPT)
  • The failure of the armed school resource officer to engage the shooter
  • The failure of the school district to prevent an armed person from entering the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school campus
  1. The “March for Our Lives” movement isn’t allowing anyone to present the argument that guns can protect people from gun violence.

The progressives and the media have thrust David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez – two of the Parkland survivors – into the limelight as their preferred spokespersons for the demand to end gun violence.

Neither of them seems to be interested in discussing gun violence – or debating gun policy – with those who disagree with them.

Students and parents who support the Second Amendment were banned from speaking at the Washington, D.C. rally…

And there was no mention of the Great Mills High School shooting in Maryland that had occurred 4 days earlier … in which the school resource officer engaged and stopped the shooter.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee reacted to the D.C. march by praising the students for “their passion and their energy, and for their interest in helping to shape public policy…”

He went on: “But I would say this to them: Emotion is a terrible substitute for truth. It is a terrible substitute for facts.”

  1. There are, however, Parkland shooting survivors who disagree with the progressive anti-gun, anti-NRA “March for Our Lives” movement.

Kyle Kashuv – a junior at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school – created a mobile app that encourages students who are struggling with any social behavior issue – including thoughts of harming themselves or others – to reach out to other students for help.

His views have been largely ignored by the progressive mainstream media.

He believes it’s ironic that some of his fellow students want to put their faith and trust in government to stop mass shootings … when government failures have been responsible for allowing so many of them to happen.

In an interview, he said: “…we have to hold our government accountable – we have to – because this can happen again if our government does not do what it’s supposed to do.”

He also said, “…we’ve seen in Maryland that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Kyle Kashuv has reached out to David Hogg on Twitter and requested a debate with him on the issue of gun control…

Hogg has ignored the offer.

  1. There needs to be a common-sense discussion about gun violence.

Everyone – including the NRA and law-abiding NRA members and gun owners – agrees:

  • the murder of innocent children must end
  • the murder of adults must end

There is probably no other moral issue facing our society that has such universal agreement: the murder of anyone in cold blood is hideously wrong.

But this is where the agreement ends…

What’s causing the carnage – and what should be done to stop it – are not easy questions to answer … but both are crucially important.

If we try to stop gun violence without having any desire – or making any attempt – to identify, understand and address the causes of the violence … we will accomplish nothing significant or lasting.

If we restrict guns without addressing violence, we solve nothing. Violence originates in the human heart.

A violent heart without access to a gun will simply resort to an alternate weapon:

  • A knife
  • A bomb
  • A hammer
  • An axe
  • A vehicle

All of these “tools” kill … all of them are being used by killers today.

And the possible choice of deadly weapon is endless…

It makes no sense to attempt to ban all weapons that could possibly be used to commit murder.

What needs to be banned is violence against fellow human beings…

But how?

This leads to another principle that can’t be ignored … as controversial and as uncomfortable as it is to talk about.

  1. Evil exists … and evil leads to violence against others … which results in murder.
    School shootings are horrific … but they are merely the tip of the iceberg of violence and murder in America.

Between 2001 and 2012, nearly twice as many American women were murdered by current or ex male partners (11,766) as there were U.S. soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq (6,488).

In cities all across the nation, gang violence kills innocent children … and adults.

Unless the human heart is transformed from within, school violence – as well as all other forms of violence – will continue.

  1. New gun laws won’t stop gun violence.
    What would a law to end mass school shooting even look like?

Here’s why new gun laws won’t prevent mass shootings or assaults in schools and elsewhere:

  • Lawbreakers don’t obey laws – they find ways to circumvent the law.
    If you make it illegal for 18-year-olds to purchase guns, they’ll steal, buy online from overseas, find someone over 18 to buy guns for them … you get the idea.
  • No psychopath … gang member … terrorist … thief … domestic violence perpetrator … will allow a gun law to prevent them from committing the violence they are determined to commit.
  • Current gun laws are not being enforced by the government. The stories of government failures are legion:
    — had the Air Force enforced current gun laws, Devin Kelley wouldn’t have been able to purchase the firearm he used to slaughter 26 worshippers at a Texas church.
    — had the FBI enforced current gun laws, Nikolas Cruz wouldn’t have been able to purchase his arsenal of weapons.
    — 30,000 military veterans with felony convictions are not in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) database.
    — Dylan Roof, the South Carolina church shooter on June 7, 2015 was never entered into the NCIC database – which would have prevented him from buying a gun.
    — If the government isn’t enforcing current gun laws, why does anyone think they’ll do an effective job of enforcing a new law?
  • No matter what new law(s) may be created, those who want guns to be banned completely will complain that the laws don’t go far enough – that more needs to be done.
  1. Prohibiting gun purchases until the age of 21 makes no sense.

The anti-gun survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting have complained in media interviews that an 18-year-old was able to walk into a gun store and purchase a gun – as if that should be illegal.

But an 18-year-old is considered an adult in this country … capable of:

  • Voting in elections
  • Joining the military and going to war
  • Obtaining a driver’s license and driving a car
  • Legally signing contracts
  • Being independent from parental authority

Therefore, it makes no logical sense that an 18-year-old shouldn’t be permitted to purchase a firearm … unless they are also prohibited from voting … and from the other adult activities listed.

  1. Our culture encourages gun violence.
    We inadvertently and unconsciously encourage gun violence by failing to properly assign responsibility and administer consequences.

We blame the driver when there’s an accident caused by DUI…

We blame the bomber when a bomb is used to kill and maim innocents…

But when gun violence occurs, we blame everyone and everything except the shooter.

In the Florida school shooting, the following have been blamed:

  • President Trump
  • The FBI
  • Unsatisfactory gun laws
  • The death of Cruz’s mother

No one seems to want to hold Nikolas Cruz responsible for the deaths of 17 high school students.

He should be convicted, sentenced to death, and justice should be administered swiftly. This would be the most effective deterrent against this type of crime being repeated by someone else.

  1. Gun violence is a moral issue that requires a moral response.
    We live in a morally relativistic society – a major problem for dealing with a moral issue.

No one seems to see the irony in the belief by the majority of Americans that all morals are relative except gun violence.

To properly address the issue of gun violence, the following moral values need to be taught again in school, church, and home:

  • Respect for ALL human life
  • Respect for authority
  • The importance of self-discipline
  • The importance of delayed gratification
  • The importance of accepting responsibility and consequences for decisions and actions
  • The existence of moral absolutes
  1. Every moral issue is also a legal issue.

But laws must apply to all citizens equally…

Laws may not oppress or discriminate against one group of people to fulfill the wishes of another group … or provide the benefits they desire.

Therefore, gun control legislation is not the answer…

Banning sports rifles like the AR-15 is not the answer…

Ignoring the Second Amendment guarantee of the right of citizens to own firearms to protect their families – and their communities – from all forms of violence is not the answer…

  1. The legal answer to deterring gun violence is to Ban Gun-Free Zones.

In today’s violent society, citizens cannot always depend on police or government agencies to protect them.

A gun-free zone is an open invitation to a criminal to commit violence – uninterrupted and unimpeded.

With schools currently being gun-free zones by law … if a parent with a legal permit to carry a firearm were to go on a high school campus and stop a deranged killer by shooting him … he could be sentenced to federal prison for discharging his weapon in a gun-free zone.

This is an insane law…

  1. Every moral issue is also a spiritual issue.
    Many have expressed the sentiment in the aftermath of the Florida school shooting that “the time for thoughts and prayers is over.”

This attitude is part of the problem – the attitude that both God and prayer are irrelevant in the 21st century.

Prayer is an important and necessary part of responding to school violence of any kind. There needs to be:

  • Prayer for the surviving students
  • Prayer for the parents of both victims and survivors
  • Prayer for families to be committed to staying together
  • Prayer for teachers and administrators
  • Prayer for law enforcement and first responders
  • Prayer for the justice system to administer justice effectively and swiftly

Watch Tucker Carlson’s take on the solution to gun violence promoted by the Washington, D.C. march – and his discussion with Erica Thomas – a Georgia state representative and advocate of gun control (10 minutes).

Also watch Ben Shapiro’s analysis of David Hogg’s speech during the D.C. rally (10 minutes):

Finally, watch Greg Gutfield’s 4 points on how to stop mass shootings – and the media’s role in promoting these atrocities (10 ½ minutes).

Warning: there are 3 inappropriate curse words bleeped out in the video:

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