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Great Religious Victory: Church Not Forced to Pay for Abortions

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A great victory has been won for the 1st Amendment…

And for religious freedom…

And for Christians against the tyranny of the Biden Administration and the radical secular socialists.

Two federal courts in California ruled that federal courts can’t force churches to pay for abortions and can exclude them from their healthcare plans.

In addition, the state was ordered to pay over $1,400,000 for the church’s legal fees.

The suit was filed by four churches: Skyline Wesleyan church in San Diego, the Foothill Church in Glendora, Calvary Church in Chino Hills, and the Shepard of the Hills Church in Porter Ranch.

Their attorneys from the Alliance Defending Freedom say this is “a significant victory for the churches we represent, the conscience rights of their members, and other religious organizations that shouldn’t be ordered by the government to violate some of their deepest faith convictions.”

For years the radical secular socialist bureaucrats in California have been collaborating with Planned Parenthood to force their agenda on religious organizations.

The attorneys obtained emails discovering that the California Department of Managed Health Care issued a mandate in response to demands from Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood asked the agency to implement an amendment to regulations requiring that health plans of religious organizations include coverage for abortions, despite regulations on state books that religious groups shouldn’t be subject to such regulations or requirements.

The government should not force churches… or religious organizations… or individuals… to violate their faith by funding abortions.

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  1. Thank God that some judges still have common sense and courage to “do the right thing”! This was a big issue under the Obama Administration, and it is excellent news that the issue has been resolved in favor of people of faith.

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