Governors Expand Power, Waste Money, and Use Taxpayers Money to Promote their Ideology of Socialism [Video]

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Across America, states are opening up and freedom is coming back.

But in some states the mayors and the governors are refusing to give up their power.

And what we are discovering is that in many states, these governors and mayors have misused emergency taxpayer money for the pandemic.

Some of them have actually used it to support pro-socialist collectivist programs they couldn’t get passed through the legislatures or approved by voters.

And oftentimes they have been giving money to their political friends.

That’s what is happening, for example, in California. Not only have people lost their freedom, not only have businesses been destroyed and churches closed down… Governor Newsome has expanded his power and control over the lives of the people.

And he doesn’t want to give it up:

  • Ideological, social programs such as the expansion of California Obamacare
  • Money to radical liberal groups
  • Taxpayer money to the politically favored

Probably the most outrageous example of this is found in $1 billion dollars sent to China by Governor Newsome. It’s unbelievable…

You can watch the video here.

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  1. Socialist/Communist ideology is anti-free market… “Klusendorf sees the lockdown as motivated by the worldview that a market economy is evil and exploits the poor. The research, Klusendorf says, shows the opposite. Market economies, ‘when they’re undergirded with the rule of law and a robust moral culture, actually do more to lift people out of poverty than any other thing you can point to.'”

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