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Governor Newsom: Dissecting His Lies and Distortions

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Gavin Newsom is one of the most well-polished, slickest politicians around. He knows how to manipulate and disport the truth to win debates.

Even when an opponent knows all of the facts and data, Newsom has a way of making his opponent sound like he/she doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

He knows how to work an audience… It doesn’t matter if he’s talking to union workers, minorities, libertarians, and, yes, even conservatives and Christians, Newsom comes across as likable, sympathetic, and on your side, so you don’t even know that you’re being lied to.

He’s a fast-talking snake oil salesman who never truly answers a question, making it hard to challenge him.

For example, recently, Newsom did an interview with conservative Fox News host Sean Hannity. Hannity slammed the Governor for California having the highest gas prices in the country.

Newsom smiled at Hannity and blamed the “greedy” oil companies– as if the oil companies charge more in California ($6.05 dollars a gallon) than they do in Florida ($3.64).

When Hannity pointed out that it wasn’t the “greedy” oil companies, it was the high state gas taxes, Newsome quickly retorted, “Our state gas tax is only .80 cents.”

Either Newsom lied, or he’s completely out of touch—or both.

California state gas tax makes up 39% of the taxes at the pump.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • .051 State excise tax
  • .18 Federal tax
  • .22 Low carbon fuel tax
  • .25 Cap-and-trade tax
  • .12 State and local sales tax
  • .02 State underground storage tax

Tax total = $1.30 per gallon

High gas prices are due to Gov. Newsom’s high state taxes, radical green policies (no fracking or drilling in California), and bad policies altogether (mandating all EVs by 2035), not the “greedy” oil companies.

You can read this article: California Recall: My Controversial Interview about the California Recall of Governor Gavin Newsom

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  1. I remember a story where someone whispered lies onto a woman’s ear and it was so convincing she believed him. He too was a smooth almost eloquent talker…just like Gavin Newsome.

  2. Governor Newsom, is an evil and Godless person. He is trying to ruin California with his stupidity. He is such a liar, like all the left wing politicians.

  3. Also important is to know your thesaurus well to catch a fast and smooth talker. Sounds eerily Wright…oh but let’s keep moving on. I mean progressing. Bull*dozing.

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