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8 Shocking Things You Should Know About Gavin Newsom’s Appointment of the Most Radical Senator in U.S. History: How Newsom Makes History…

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That’s the best way to describe what Gavin Newsom just did.

California Governor Gavin Newsom has appointed radical organizer and ideolog Laphonza Butler to fill the US Senate seat of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who recently passed away.

Most Americans don’t know who she is. Most conservatives don’t know who she is…

Even most Californians don’t know her.

But those who do know who she is are the Democrat elites… They know who she is because she is their secret weapon for winning elections and transforming our culture and politics into a radical socialist country.

Here are 8 things you should know about this calculated, well-planned appointment.

1) Laphonza Butler is a radical organizer, political strategist, and labor organizer

The Democrat elites know Laphonza because she’s one of the most powerful Democrat organizers in America.

From 2009 to 2018, she became the powerhouse in California running the radical SEIU. With over 400,000 members, she turned SEIU into a political powerhouse that now completely controls California politics.

Indeed, under her guidance, it became the organization that helped Democrats dominate early voting, advanced voter mobilization, and ballot harvesting.

2) Laphonza Butler will be the first black LGBTQ+ Senator in our history

Laphonza Butler will be the only black US Sen. Since VP Harris became VP. But she is also the first openly black LGBTQ+ Sen. In our history.

“She will make history—becoming the first black lesbian to openly serve in the US Senate,” Newsom said. “From her time as President of Emily’s List, leading the state’s largest labor union, she has always stood up for what is right and has led with her heart and her values.”

3) As a US Sen., she will be able to use her organizing abilities to help the most radical Democrats win in 2024

Laphonza Butler is a great organizer. She knows how to rally, micro-target, and fundraise.

She knows more of the big-money people in Silicon Valley and Democrat politics than anyone else.

She has deep ties to Silicon Valley.

4) Laphonza Butler has close ties to Gavin Newsom

As Gavin Newsom maneuvers his next political move, no one is better than Laphonza Butler for him.

She was a partner at the political consulting firm that ran Newsom’s elections and won elections in California.

She helped guide Kamalah Harris’ failed 2020 Presidential run in 2020, and she was previously a senior advisor to Hillary Clinton.

Gov. Jerry Brown was so impressed with her he made her a regent of the California university system.

5) She moved to California in 2009 but left to run Emily’s List in Maryland

Laphonza Butler still has a house in California, and while she was registered in Maryland, she has re-registered in California to make it legal for her to be appointed as a Sen from California.

6) Since 2021, she has been president of Emily’s List, which elects Democratic women who are radical pro-abortionists

Laphonza Butler has transformed the organization into a powerhouse and knows how to win elections with her ballot-harvesting techniques. She’s also brought a tremendous amount of money to Emily’s List that it never had before, and she has shown that it can win elections on the issue of abortion.

7) Gavin Newsom’s brilliant move

Newsom is smart, strategic, and surprising.  That’s exactly what her appointment is. It secured the black vote. It secured the activists behind Biden/Harris. And he’s secured someone who will defend him and his efforts at all costs.

8) Laphonza Butler has completely upset the California US Senate race

Candidates Barbara Lee, Katie Porter, and Rep. Adam Schiff have been fighting it out to take Feinstein’s Senate seat for over a year—Schiff and Porter are tied. Now everything has changed.

Laphonza Butler will likely run and use her skills to mobilize the SEIU, the abortion lobby, and the Democratic party machine to work for her. She will use her connections with the fat cats in Silicon Valley and other organizations to bring in a lot of money for her campaign—more than any of the other candidates could ever raise.

The hopes of the others becoming US Senators have greatly diminished dramatically.

So the bottom line is that Newsom could not have picked a more radical, strategic, smart, and surprising candidate.

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  1. Craig Huey –

    I simply cannot believe people are corrupt enough, stupid enough to support people like this. People are just bending over and saying, “Ok, Mr./Mrs. politician, you can scr__ me aIl you want.” Crazy.

    1. Exactly. And it looks like the U.S. is 50% full of these “types” of individuals unfortunately. People need to get out and vote, even though it feels like the major swing states mysteriously turn Democrat at the very end. (Overnight??)

  2. Do we Christian Conservatives have anyone like her in politics? Not ruthless, but brilliant in organizing Conservatives. It breaks my heart that the Dems are so cohesive while the Republicans/Conservatives/Christians seem so scattered. We need to pray that our Lord will raise up someone with Ms. Butler’s abilities to serve Him in politics.

  3. Gavin has past laws that are not important. saving a flower? What ever! He is fighting for the presidents seat and that’s all. I hope he looses Big Time.

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