Government Power Grab to Control The News Media – Video Shocker

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The latest attack on a free press

Throughout history, politicians and government have wanted to control people’s speech, thoughts and the dissemination of news.

The latest attack on a free press in the U.S. is a program called the Fairness Doctrine.

President Obama and the progressive left/liberals wanted to implement the Fairness Doctrine. But the Republicans took over the House in 2010, making it impossible to pass.

   Now, a new threat emerges.

If it wasn’t for a whistleblower in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), we would be a step closer to having the government control the media.

In fact, the Obama FCC plan was to hire a liberal progressive group to lay the foundation for a government control of the media, similar to the Fairness Doctrine.

Fortunately, the publicity by a whistleblower quickly killed this plan in February. Here is a must-see video, about 4 minutes.

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