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Government Election Interference Escalates: Biden’s DOJ Now Wants to Censor Trump from Criticizing the Election Interference, Persecution, and Weaponization of the DOJ—6 Things You Should Know (And the Statement that Set the Deep State Heads Spinning)

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The Department of Justice (DOJ) has targeted former President Trump again…

They didn’t like what Trump posted on Truth Social that the DOJ is a “danger to democracy.”

They want the Judicial Activist DC Federal Judge overseeing the J6 case to place Trump under a gag order.

This is an attack on Trump’s 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech.

Here are 6 things you should know…

1) Special Counsel Jack Smith wants to edit what Trump says and posts.

Smith’s team argued that “Trump was making statements that could have a chilling effect.”

Trump is speaking his mind and telling the truth about the dirty biased procedures radical Special Counsel Jack Smith and Judge Tanya Chutkan are doing… like this gag order.

However, upon review of both side’s arguments, Smith’s team for a gag order and Trump’s legal team for no restrictions on Trump’s free speech, the judge gave a ruling that was a “win” for both sides.

The judge sided with Trump’s lawyers ruling that the protective order will cover “only material the Justice Department considers sensitive.”

She sided with Smith’s team in that witness interviews and recordings are to be deemed “sensitive” and covered by the protective order.

She said, “Disclosure of any of those materials creates too great a risk that witnesses may be intimidated” or the jury pool be polluted.

So, is this a “win” for Trump? This ruling only opens the doors to confusion about “sensitive” speech. It can also lead the DOJ or the judge to make things harder for Trump.

2) What Trump Said

This is one of Trump’s posts on Truth Social that got Smith and his team so upset:

“The Biden crime family was taking in money from China, Ukraine, Russia, and so many more. And now, every time more Biden corruption is exposed, his henchmen indict me the very next day…. It’s called a coverup. If you go after me, I’m coming after you!

They want to take away my freedom because I will never let them take away your freedom. They want to silence me because I will never let them silence you. In the end, they are not after me, they’re after you—And I’m standing in their way. The Deep State is destroying our nation. But the tables must turn, and we will destroy the Deep State.”

This is what Smith’s team wrote to the Judge regarding the gag order on Trump:

“All the proposed order seeks to prevent is the improper dissemination or use of discovery materials, including to the public.”

3) More Than a “Post”- the DOJ’s Mad at Trump Attacking Them and Special Counsel Jack Smith

The Special Counsel team also told the judge that Trump “has previously issued public statements on social media regarding witnesses, judges, attorneys, and others associated with legal matters pending against him…

And in recent days, regarding this case, the defendant has issued multiple posts—either specifically or by implication—including the following, which the defendant posted just hours ago.”

4) The Biden Administration and DOJ’s Contempt for the 1st Amendment and Real Effort to Silence Trump

Harvard Law Professor Jack Goldsmith is a liberal and certainly not a Trump supporter. That’s why his NY Times op-ed piece about “The terrible consequences for the country in the ongoing prosecutions of Trump.” made shockwaves.

Goldsmith warned that while they [NY Times readers] might enjoy the idea of Trump being indicted and possibly imprisoned, Trump supporters “don’t see it that way, and would seek revenge.”

Goldsmith wrote:

“The unseemliness of the prosecution will most likely grow if the Biden campaign or its proxies use it as a weapon against Mr. Trump if he is nominated. And then there is the perceived unfairness in the department’s treatment of Mr. Biden’s son Hunter, in which the department has once again violated the cardinal principle of avoiding any appearance of untoward behavior in a politically sensitive investigation. Credible whistle-blowers have alleged wrongdoing and bias in the investigation, though the Trump-appointed prosecutor denies it. And the department’s plea arrangement with Hunter Biden came apart, in ways that fanned suspicions of a sweetheart deal, in response to a few simple questions by a federal judge.

The prosecution may well have terrible consequences beyond the department for our politics and the rule of law. It will probably inspire ever more aggressive tit-for-tat investigations of presidential actions in office by future Congresses and by administrations of the opposing party, to the detriment of sound government.”

5) Bias Media: “Lock Him Up”

Rather than report the news, which is the news media’s primary function, they are using the media and their positions to gleefully cheer on the Special Prosecutor and his team of corrupt-biased lawyers.

They aren’t hiding their rapture and juvenile fantasies about Trump going to jail for the rest of his life.

According to the Media Research Center, MSNBC, CNN, and other leftist propaganda “fake news” outlets “devoted 527 minutes to Trump’s indictment and zero seconds to Biden Burisma Bribery scandal.”

Over a 39-day period, the mainstream media did not report a word about President Joe Biden allegedly receiving millions of dollars from companies buying the Biden brand he met with and later appeared to have done unusual political favors for.

“The double standard is breathtaking,” said Geoffrey Dickens, director of media analysis at the Media Research Center.

6) This is the Message the DOJ Wants the Judge to Censor

Trump wrote the following message on Truth Social:

“Our enemies unleashed an army of rabid left-wing lawyers, corrupt Marxist prosecutors, deranged government agents, and rouge intelligence officers to try to stop our movement. As an example, every one of these many fake charges filed against me by the corrupt Biden DOJ could have been filed two and a half years ago, but they waited and waited until I became dominant in the pols—And then they filed them all, including local Das and AGs, and other cases, right in the middle of my campaign, where I am leading the Republicans by a lot and also leading Biden by a lot.

It’s called election interference—a commonly used tactic in Third World countries. Biden and his protectors know he cannot win this race any other way, so they are trying election interference. The reason this is happening is simple: Joe Biden is the most incompetent and corrupt president in US history.”

Note: What you can do:

Contact your U.S. Senator and Congressperson with your concerns. You may phone the United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121. A switchboard operator will connect you directly with the Senate or House office you request.

This is too important to be ignored, buried, or downplayed.

What do you think?

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  1. Biden is totally following Marxism. He totally behind the scenes is following the World Economic Forum Order. Which means destroying our 1st and 2nd amendment. He is in our prayers.

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