Gary Johnson: A Letdown as a Liberal Candidate, Not Truly Libertarian

Gary Johnson: A Disappointing Liberal—Not Libertarian—Candidate

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Election 2016 produced a lot of disappointments. One of the biggest was Gary Johnson, the Libertarian Party candidate.

Instead of  a powerful message of freedom, he is proclaiming the collectivist/statist position that the government can force Christians—and all other citizens—to provide services or engage in activities which violate their conscience or deeply-held religious beliefs.

Gary Johnson (Credit:

Gary Johnson (Credit:

This view is not libertarian at all.

Johnson also flirted with imposing a carbon tax on consumers to mitigate the consequences of carbon emissions and stop “climate change”. This kind of thinking belongs with liberals, not with free market advocates.

That view is certainly not libertarian, either.

I outlined my other disappointments with Gary Johnson in my article: “Libertarian Surprise: 6 Reasons Why I Won’t Vote for Gary Johnson.”

You can also listen to Johnson sharing his views on the Glenn Beck Show in this interview here. Notice Beck’s shock at Johnson’s liberal—not libertarian—political views.

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